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Friday, January 28, 2011

bonjour, le slacker!

ever get to the point where you have so much rattling around your head that you can't even post anything because it'll be a flat-out mess?
well then i guess i'm all alone on this wacked-out island.
it's friday. day two of gorgeous sunshine.
can i get a whoo hoo?
i'm doing my best not to be a complainer about the winter. i'm celebrating each snow fall and disruption to my schedule. i'm excited about the smell of damp earth each time i go outside to let my reluctant weiner dogs do their thang. damp and dank and gray and chilly will give way to sunshine and warmer temperatures. i have the daffodils, peeking their tender shoots up from the tired mulch, to remind me of this promise.
it's the little things, people!
i'm about to go and make some runs to our stores. picking up posters, delivering W2s, installing posters, loading files on computers, listening to talk radio or christmas cds {too lazy to switch them out… why is Joy to the World only appropriate at christmas time, anyway??} while i'm out and about, i'm going to celebrate each time my car starts without a hitch. i take it for granted that i have a finely tuned automobile. it's really a blessing each time it starts. really, it is.
i'm going to celebrate wearing sunglasses. because i have contacts and can wear sunglasses. and see. what a cool thing!
i'm going to marvel at the fact that people enjoy eating at our restaurants and their patronage allows my children to go to college. thank you, loyal customers!
i'm celebrating the spiritual revival going on in bamagirl's heart. she already knew Jesus… but she's learning how to lean into him even more. she's open to what he's teaching her. {can i get another whoo hoo??}
i'm celebrating the random postings i see on facebook that make me about pee my pants in laughter. so incredibly thankful for the gift of laughter. i'm going to pass on the gift today… maybe just by smiling at everyone i meet. granting an extra measure of grace {to the hubs… i've been lacking in that area lately}.
grumble less. celebrate more.
how cool is it that a plant can be dormant all year and then bloom in the dead of winter? is God cool, or what??
He takes my mourning… turns it into laughter! thank you Jesus!


  1. Whoo hoo! Yes God is cool! Glad you daughter is doing better. Yes I do have a lot on my mind and no posts are brewing.

  2. oh, I loved your rollerblading story. You should totally post it. Loved your re-telling of it!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love your fabulous attitude.


  4. Yes, my head feels like that. A lot. Working on the whole breathe in, breathe out. One day at a time. Count my blessings. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Today when my kids start fighting and I'm about to explode, I'm going to remember how excited I was when I woke up to a snow day!

    You are such a great part of my life, I wish we could go have coffee!!

  6. Great pics & great attitude!

    Hope your day is blessed-xo


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