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Friday, January 21, 2011

she ain't no angelina jolie

life has thrown another curve ball at bama girl. just when she's busy spinning plates and doesn't really have the resources to catch a curve ball.
hence the phone call at 8 am.


mom! my lips are huge!

uh… what?

my lips!! they're H.U.G.E.!!!

oh no. now what!?

my face is all swollen too… but my lips are ginormous. {more crying}
i think if one has to have big-ish lips these might not be too bad… sadly this was not the case.
after getting a list of symptoms i encouraged her to take some benadryl and use cool compresses. i thought it was stress related {and i'm still convinced this only exacerbated the situation}. the photo she sent had the most pathetic face a mother could ever see. a tragic comedy if there ever was one. sigh. {it was so bad i wouldn't even send it to boy wonder who asked repeatedly}

she called a friend who's a nurse and she determined that bamagirl's new acne meds aren't compatible with her system and she was having an allergic reaction. she suggested benadryl every 4-6 hours and no driving.

not a problem.
there was not a chance that bamagirl would emerge from her apartment "looking like a freak."

all was quiet on the home front. benadryl pretty much knocked her out most of the day. she needed the sleep big-time.

at 1 a.m. i got another call. kinda panicky. now she had a rash. everywhere. her chest was tight… acidy tight.

well… i guess you better go to the e.r.

so not one or two… but all three of her roommates took her to the e.r. in the middle of the night. that's friendship! about an hour later, a rather bored e.r. doc administered a shot and patted her on the head and sent her home with a steroid prescription in case the shot didn't work.

it wasn't the most dramatic e.r. story… but i still couldn't sleep. so at 4 am i decided to go back to bed. i read another two chapters from one thousand gifts. oh… ann voskamp. i heart you!!

checked in on bamagirl this morning. she was on her way to class.
her voice had a bit more of a lilt.
and then i heard the angels singing…


  1. That is so stressful for a mom to experience and I am glad all is well today.

  2. That was quite a reaction. So glad that she is doing better. How sweet of her friends to all go with her. Hope you get some rest!

  3. Aw, I'm glad she's ok and that she had such great friends to take her to the hospital!

  4. Poor girl! I of all people know how badly it sucks to have your face swell! I hope that it goes down soon and she can put the horrible day behind her. :)


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