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Monday, January 3, 2011


it's a new year. uhhhh duh. have you heard enough of that yet? making resolutions? and then breaking them? it's all over the place. 'tis the things of early january.
i'm not much of a resolution maker. i find they're hard to stick to, and frankly, should we not be about personal betterment on a regular basis throughout the year? i'd like to think that i'm in an ongoing process of improvement {although people around me might wonder on occasion}.
in my blogstalking activities of 1.1.11, i came across an old OL friend whom i hadn't heard from in awhile… ie gina's blog has been rather silent/changed names/transformed, etc. she too was writing about the idea of resolutions and how she hasn't made a resolution in years, but does select a word for the year and commits that word to her life. last year's word was
it's a well-written post and i love the idea of choosing a word to sort of hang your heart on for the year. i highly recommend a visit yourself so you can enter in…
i loved the idea, but didn't want to flippantly choose a word. so i prayed about it. really. i set aside some time and really asked.
i was thinking my word for the year should be humility. it's something i've struggled with so much lately and i find my pride is at the source of much of my angst/issues with others. i thought it was a worthy word. a call to action and betterment. who could argue with that?
but here is what the Lord gave me…
I want you to hunger after Me. to find that nothing satisfies but Me.
I want you to hunger for time with Me. hunger for my Word. feast on Me.
and I want you to feed the hungry. as you've filled up with Me, i want you to fill others. intentional time with others intentionally focused on Me.
gather my manna daily.
every. day.
I want you to tend to the physical and spiritual needs of those i put in your path.
feed my sheep.
oh, and just so you know, dear one, I would really like you to focus on what you are eating. be a steward of the body I've given you. take care.

it's almost so obvious that i discounted it… but then i realized that i don't hunger after Him. not nearly to the degree that i am malnourished. i satiate myself on things that don't matter. i'm full of junkfood and need to be filling myself with the organic nutrients of His Word and intentional time with Him.
it's my word.

if you had to choose a word for you this year…
…what would it be?


  1. You know me, I'm often behind the calendar. But I always like the word plank. You know, like how I point out the speck in another's eye when I've got a plant stuck in mine.

  2. I love this post - it's SO well written - and WHAT a word!! It gave me goose bumps. it's such a...



  3. WoW ... That's all I've to say after reading your post !!! I'm speechless it's so great ... And I'm in no mean religious: but gee !!! Put like that: let me be "hungry" ...

    Now, I've to ponder on a word !!!

  4. (P.S. I don't know how to do a podcast...but I would love to hear the message you wrote that was all about me!)

  5. I think Hunger is a good choice.

    I understand why you were drawn to humility, but I like hunger because it seems like it builds more on positivity as opposed to you looking at your flaws. I don't think I'm expressing it clearly, but hopefully you get what I am trying to say.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

    I'm thinking my word would be 'perseverance.' Jesus never said that following Him would be easy, in fact, He talked about denying ourselves, taking up a cross, etc. Perseverance is important because in this society we want everything to be now, quick, easy, and we have very short attention spans. (and, we want it all to be about US and how we feel at the moment.) I have a cousin who had turned his back on God years and years ago...but God just recently brought him back. What a lesson that was to me about God accomplishing His will, about perseverance as a Christian, not giving up on those who seem 'hopeless.' I want especially to persevere in prayer for my friends and family, persevere in living a life pleasing to God even when it's not easy, persevere in trusting in Christ's righteousness.

  7. Great post, I love your word Hunger. Hunger in Him, that is wonderful. My word this year is simplify.


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