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Thursday, January 20, 2011

thankfulness, joy and dancing in the rain

i'm in a good place… {well, about as good a place as one can be in the midst of a cold, gray, blustery winter.} i'm seriously vitamin d deprived and busy with work and in the middle of an email semi-disaster… but files are being recovered and the computer is being optimized by someone far more intelligent than i in the matter… so all is well {for the most part} with me {and my mac}.
i'm in a good place of finding rest and peace and am really alright with not having control over details in my life and job… i'm in a place of calm, rest and thankfulness in the midst of a storm raging down the street.
and that's a good thing. i think God's got me right where he wants me and right where he can use me.

the girl is going through a very rough time.

very. rough.
recent break up of an over year-long relationship.
the beginning of an incredibly stressful semester chock-full of massive amounts of reading. the girl is rain man when it comes to math and sciences. however…reading is not her love language… and it's going to be a struggle for her to master her lit and history classes.
her sorority is gearing up for rush… just in time for the rush chairman to step down. yay on great timing!
and this morning she woke up with her face {especially her lips} about twice the size of her usual self. it seems her new acne ointments are not compatible with her system.


in the 18 months bama girl has been away at school… i have never received one of those panicky bawling phone calls… haven't had to deal with the i can't do this, or i'm not supposed to be here, or i don't know if nursing is my calling phone calls…
until now. more of those phone calls than i can count in just the last week.
for my type-A, over-achieving, organized/control-freakish daughter… this is the perfect storm of stress. she's leaning into God so deeply. i'm so thankful for her Rock. i'm so thankful that she's His… and it's Him she is running to.
but still…
she's hurting big-time and there's little i can do for her but listen, advise and pray.
and super thankful for a few things i'm reading right now that happen to be speaking to me in a way that i'm able to love and guide her well.
thank you, sarah young, for jesus calling {all four of us are journeying through this devo together and are loving where God is ministering to all of us} and thank you to angie smith et al for their
bloom book selection for the winter… ann voskamp's one thousand gifts.

learning to be thankful, joyful in all circumstances… it's hard sometimes, but He is so faithful.
in this season of doubt, darkness and unrest, may she feel the calming peace that only He can give.
hope you join me in reading ann's book. i'm about four chapters into it and can't put it down.
what gifts are you thankful for today?
i'm thankful for my struggling daughter who is reminding me that my relationship with Jesus is paramount to me loving and guiding well.


  1. What a precious post. I remember those moments w/ my mom. Oh my goodness we had so many of those conversations.

    I love moms.

  2. When I was working on my master's degree about eight or nine years ago (it's good that I don't know for sure), a man I hoped to marry left me. I thank God for the distraction of being busy, but I feel such great pain for your Girl nonetheless.

    It's hard to see this happen, hard to let it happen. And it is impossible to tell them that this too shall pass.

    I'll keep praying for her, and for you. I promise.

  3. So hard when our adult kids are hurting. It takes different skills and more faith to walk them through times when we are not right by their sides. I have to physically turn my hands up to remember that God has them and I don't need to fret.

  4. Who were those people who said it was about praying the prayer and signing on the dotted line with God so that you would have health, wealth, and a fun life! Being a disciple is picking up our cross and following Jesus daily...just as you are doing; leaning on Him and trusting Him...just as your daughter is doing also. We were never meant to be tough and strong, but to rely fully upon Him. He is faithful. I am sorry for your daughter, but we both know that God will grow her through this tough time. God bless!

  5. I'm sorry your daughter is having a rough time. That is a lot to handle on her plate, but it will strengthen her. It's so good, too, that she is turning to God in all of this. Sometimes that can be so difficult!

  6. I am so sorry for everything your daughter is going through. Keeping her in my prayers. It is wonderful that she is turning to God to help herself through the difficult times. ((HUGS))


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