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Friday, May 28, 2010

are you lost, too?

it ended.
and if you are still lost… i'm thinking you're not alone…
here is the best summary i've seen. three minutes. with a cool accent. amazing.

so there you have it.
you're welcome.


  1. Apparently, I don't watch enough TV. I usually don't eat in the lounge, instead working through lunch, but this week I found the time. By yesterday, I opted to knit in my room instead. I love my coworkers but the melange of season finale talk just about drove me crazy.

    So Lost is lost on me. I'm a loser.

    (For full disclosure, I watch the NY Housewives and 19 Kids and Counting with regularity. But no real series TV.)

  2. Hi you're on LOL today...I just got home to my computer and I forgot to tell you last night..Im sorry

  3. Thanks. That lost video is very elucidating. I didn't watch it and have always wanted to know in a nutshell what it was about. That took care of it for me. :)


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