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Saturday, May 1, 2010

new toy{s}

i know. i've been a real bloggerslacker lately. work has a way of interrupting my socializing. 
the hubs was out of town all week doing strategic planning. i was moving a child home from college.
and playing with a new toy. well, two new toys, actually.
not too long ago, an e-quaintance (you know, a new blog friend) put up her nikon d40 for adoption. she had fallen on some tough times and sacrificed her baby for dollar donations. i made a modest donation and took my chances, so to speak. i'm not usually very blessed in the "winning" category, but this time, i came out on top and received her precious camera nestled in bubble wrap. sigh.
i've always wanted a telephoto lens {not like i know how to use it} and want to acquire new skills, so i ordered one online.
it arrived yesterday, and i'm just playing around with it.
i got a nikkor AF zoom 70-300m f/4.5-5.6g {if that means anything to you} in my naivité i expected something a little more…uh… automatic… but since i'm a total newbie {and am not a very good researcher} i bought it.
is there something out there that is automatic? or do i need to just suck it up and learn old-school hand focusing.
i had some fun in the backyard and took ayanna (my orchid) out to play. (ayanna is african for beautiful flower)
she liked it outside.
and so did bailey.
now it's off to go get bamagirl… but before i do, i'm gonna have a piece of fresh-baked banana bread!


  1. Gorgeous!

    But where's the up close snap of the banana bread?

    Safe travels. Hope next week is a little less hectic.

  2. I didn't buy a Big Boy camera because focusing scared me. What I have found over the months is that many Big Boy's have auto focus. I have my eye on a Canon Rebel. The pictures that you took are beautiful.

  3. Great shots. And I know the feeling, my life as a mom and best friend totally messed with my blogging time...

  4. Gorgeous pics on a gorgeous day! Enjoy your new camera and your kids.

  5. Lovely pics! Glad to see my "baby" is getting some luv :)

    I am not the person to ask about lenses, but when I first got my camera I started reading the digital photography school website. There are articles and forums where you can post a question.

    What would we do without the internet for our questions :) Good luck, can't wait to see more pics!

  6. whatever you are doing...KEEP DOING THAT!!!! those photos are AMAZING and how awesome that you won it!!!

  7. Congratulations on winning the camera!

    As for the focus question, there should be a switch to change between automatic and manual focus.

    Here's what I found on a Nikon User Guide website:

    Many lenses have no switches or settings. If so, don't worry.

    If a lens has an "A - M" switch, like the included 18-55mm above, leave it at "A." To get manual focus with the included lens, move it to "M."

    If the switch says "M/A - M " then use M/A. These lenses may be focused manually at any time in either position. As soon as you tap the shutter button in M/A you return to autofocus.

    More advanced lenses, like the 18-200mm, 70-300mm VR and 18-135mm, and any lens with an M/A position, may be focused manually at any time without moving any switches. Leave them in their A or A/M positions.

    Non-AF-S and non-AF-I lenses, like the new 10.5mm fisheye, won't autofocus at all.

    The old 300mm f/4 AF has to be put in the M position to focus, and it only focuses manually.

    Taken from


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