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Monday, May 24, 2010


taking a break from the insanity that is my life to update my blog, which has been seriously lacking in content lately. and my blog-stalking moves are off by a mile… i haven't lost my mo-jo… just time.

have i mentioned that i'm finding it difficult to balance motherhood with this crazy new pace of my job? if i haven't, it must be because i am too busy being a mom again to my returning college children and a crazy-busy marketing director for a growing company.

life may return to some sense of normalcy (ha, like that has ever been the case in all my married years!) after this week…

hosting a dessert party for a friend who is on staff with campus crusade. she and her husband and new baby are having a "meet and greet" for their east tennessee supporters. i'm happy to help but always fail to see that this little shin-dig will require a clean house, prepared desserts, brewed coffee, iced tea and i may need to be showered and dressed appropriately. what. was. i. thinking?

if only i had nailed down what to prepare…

if only the people who have been invited would bother to RSVP (grrrr)…

if only i wasn't organizing/attending bible 'n a biscuit at chick fil-a tuesday morning for my small group…

if only i wasn't having the crown moulding, baseboards, trim and doors painted… TODAY…

the kids are more in a groove of working. boy wonder is a counselor for 7 year olds at an educational/adventure camp here in town and bama girl is (reluctantly) working for us. she'd rather be nannying, but the jobs haven't materialized quite yet. she's only in town for another 8 weeks. (sounds like forever, but it's only until the end of july) she begins summer school next week, so both of the kiddles will be occupied for the better part of the day which means i get more/better work done.

end of year stuff is done. graduation is over, parties have been attended. i'd like to think the funerals are finished, but just found out one of our neighbors died in a motorcycle wreck early yesterday morning. because it was a motorcycle and it happened at 1:30 am, i immediately thought it was the son. but it was the dad. another untimely death…

i'm finding that the little things don't matter as much as i thought…

like dust bunnies {so big you can ride them} hanging out in my living room. of course, they'll be gone in time for tomorrow's party. but the little things that i usually obsess over don't seem all that important anymore.


  1. so glad that you got to post! I have come to see that Otober, December and MAY are the busiest times of the year for me. May might be the busiest of all :) that photo looks good enough to eat! Glad you have a full house again. Sorry for the funerals. We have had more than nornal this year and I also have come to not worry about the little things. hugs to you!

  2. Perspective.

    I just talked with my kids about it today. On Friday, I was looking forward to the weekend, and I was thinking of my friend Vicki coming over. She is 24 and is dying. As the kids played soccer at recess, I tried to not cry.

    Then two, who have bickered all year, got in a fight, and I let myself get mad at them. (I really am tired of their pettiness.) Part of me understood it was anger at Vicki's prognosis, but part of me wanted them to just play and enjoy being alive.

    You can't make people do that. I tried to talk to them about it though. Some got it a bit...

    I've had enough sadness in my life that you'd think the little stuff wouldn't matter, but sometimes a broken nail still bums me out. I guess those are the good times, when if that's all I have to be sad about, then all is good.

    I like to call my dust bunnies tumble bunnies. But alas, my husband is a tumble bunny stalker...

  3. And I'm complaining about bad grocery shopping trips, telling my son his "worst day ever" is pretty good... *sigh* Perspective is right.

    Is that YOUR strawberry shortcake? Cuz... um... DELISH!?

    I hope things calm down for you. You need a break and I'm concerned for you. I hope you get some breathing space soon!

  4. I hear you. I've had similar weeks. Just take a deep breath and then do the next thing. (And I'll send my gargantuan dust bunnies, which have multiplied and colonized while I've been on bedrest, over to your house and they will scare yours right out of the house.)

  5. What is the deal with RSVPing and why don't people do it?? It would make life easier, wouldn't it.

    I'll trade you my windrows of doghair for your dust bunnies. :-)


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