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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sandpaper people

i've heard recently that God puts "sandpaper people" in a person's life to sand off the rough areas in one's life.
i've got more than one of those scratchy people in my life right now.


i'm sad that i'm so rough that i need really painful sanding.
and i wish i wasn't so busy that i could just focus on getting smooth.
or is this me running in the opposite direction?

growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown. George Shinn


  1. I hate being sanded. Wish I didn't need it so badly.

  2. Some day our King is coming back and everything will be perfect. *siiiiiiiiiigh* I can't wait.

  3. Great analogy, I like that. Sand paper people are so exhausting though...

  4. Have you grown terminal Body Warts? Rather than consort with "Sand People" oops sorry, forgot, sandpaper people, big difference

    Anyway, I digress

    rather than the consorting, just try #4 grit Aluminum Oxide sand paper, just one or two swipes and viola, there'yr gone. the downb side is you might lose a layer or two of epidermis. on the opther hand you wont lose your soul to the sand people... Ahhh, forgot again...i hate it when that happenes

  5. I will pray and send you hugs. ((HUGS))

  6. Good post. Makes you stop and think.

    Stop by for an award from me to you!

  7. Love this! We need people in our lives who challenge us. It's just like when an oyster produces a pearl--it can only be done through the agitation of the sand.


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