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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

gotta get this baby on a schedule!

the party was a rousing success.
all five people showed up.
out of the sixty that were invited.

glad it wasn't my shin-dig, or perhaps my feelings would have been hurt.

my friend and her husband are on staff with campus crusade and asked us to host a "meet and greet" for them where they could touch base with their supporters and give an update on their ministry. they're in town for a big family wedding so thought this would be the perfect time… apparently many of their supporters will be in attendance at the wedding as well so opted out of the party.

understandable. may is one crazy month. almost as action-packed as december, so it's not surprising to me that people stayed home.

i just wish they would RSVP to tell me that.

it's a good thing i have kids at the house all the time, because i made lots of desserts! (which was fun)

the painter left in time for me to put my house back together. there were no paint fumes lingering in the air. my house is clean, the moulding is gleaming white and we have a huge job (for us) finished. now it's to the outside to paint our new front door and the outside trim. that's a job that's been waiting in the wings for a few years, so before our trim rots off the house and costs us alot more cashola, we'd better tackle it now. and by "we" i mean the painter. if it was up to us, it would take another ten years.

today is a new day.

and it's time to get in the groove. after a few weeks of trying to balance work/kids/personal time, i think i'm about to get it together. it's all about the schedule. and the kids' schedule. and it's all coming together. boy wonder is now working his job as a camp counselor which gets him up and out before 8. bamagirl's summer school begins next week and she'll be out and in class by 8 as well. having them out isn't critical to my focus, but boy, it sure helps!

i'll be down on UT's campus today sampling petro's to all the kids in town for the global finals for destination imagination. that should be fun. and they boys (ie the hubs and his brother) are at georgia tech taking measurements and making plans for our new petro's that is going into the georgia tech stadium by the fall (insert jumping up and down here). and we have plans to expand to auburn soon, too. {squeeee!!} all this hard work is going to pay off… all this hard work is going to pay off…


  1. RSVP definitely one of my pet peeves.....people learn to be considerate! Is that so hard?

  2. Great news on the business end. We have had conversations where I have said "We should open a Petro's! Sorry about that party. You know over the years I have had so many parties (tupperware,pampered chef,candles, you name it!) I finally came to the conclusion that I will never have one again. I have the lowest show and it hurts. I will always go and support people and their parties. I may even be the biggest spender!

  3. I'm sorry to hear so few showed up. I know the feeling. I had a shower that 5 girl hosted for me. Only 3 non-hostesses showed up. I was pretty sad about it, because it was supposed tobe my biggest shower. Truth be told, I ended up with 3 very small showers.

  4. glad you made it through the shin-dig :)


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