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Friday, May 7, 2010


Because some stupid whack-job tried to set off a bomb in times square, the torrential rains over the weekend that dumped an astounding amount of water on nashville causing massive devastation went largely under reported this past week.
i can't believe the beautiful opryland hotel is/was buried under 10 ft of water. or the ryman auditorium. or I-24 or half of ding-dang nashville. too unbelievable to even fathom.
my neighbors to the west are hurting, and i'm sure there's lots of relief going their way, but seriously between haiti, chile, china and soon louisiana and the gulf coast… there are so many areas that have been hard hit by natural (and man-made) disasters and only so many resources.
so that's were we come in. americans always rise to the challenge. we band together to lend a helping hand to those in need. i love to see the clever way people use their talents and gifts to help others.
today, i purchased a nashville flood tshirt to help the victims there. plus, it's a super cute shirt!

and they're each available in both blue and brown. 100% of the profits will go to help victims in the nashville area.
tweet about this. blog about it and link to the site. put this on your profile page on facebook. get the word out. but more imporatantly, get your own shirt. or buy one for the man in your life for father's day. let's flood nashville with our support, love and help.


  1. Great fundraising idea! There sure has been a lot of disasters lately. Those pictures are chilling in their destruction, but I appreciate being able to see it.

  2. What a wonderful project of support. Thank you for sharing this link.
    Happy Mother's Day

  3. I am so getting one of these...
    just the thought of the seeing Gaylord & the GOO like that is heartbreaking :(
    thanks for sharing !!!

  4. ur bloggy is so fresh and clean! its like i can almost smell freshly cut grass or sumthin.


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