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Thursday, June 24, 2010

be my guest!

imagine my surprise when a friend of mine invited me to be a guest blogger for her while she was on vacation…
i almost forgot to link up here… head on over to mama4real to see what's on my mind today.
it may not really be that big of a deal (kind of like "winning" one of those blog awards… not that i'm discounting their function) but i was pretty flattered. i think the world of julie and hope you'll not only visit today (because i know you're dying to leave me a comment over there, considering i'm such a shameless comment whore) but also when she comes back to her own blog.
so go on now… go head over to mama4real.
thank you and see you back here tomorrow. i have an ice cream aftermath story that i need to share.

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  1. Wait, let me make sure I have this right, it's



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