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Friday, June 11, 2010

winner winner, chicken dinner!

i love to read. i'm always reading something. oftentimes, i'm reading more than one book at a time. i like to have a good "jesusbook" going, i.e. something that is building my soul, and then a leisurebook, something that i read before going to bed.
currently, my jesusbook is the good and beautiful god by james bryan smith and my leisurebook is the used world by haven kimmel.
the good and beautiful god is a book i'm reading for my summer bible study, and it's like cuddling up with a good friend on the beach and watching the waves come in and out. comfortable, thought-provoking and real.
the used world, on the other hand, is just not happening for me. i'm over half of the way through and i'm not sure if it's just because it requires more brain-power than i'm prepared to offer as i wind down from the day or if i'm just thick… but haven's not quite grabbing my interest and i'm unusually detached from an emotional connection with the characters. it would be so easy to "lose" this book, but i'm not a quitter, and so i'll press on.
i am a haven kimmel fan, though. i've read her memoirs and the girl is flat-out hysterical. if i need a pick-me-up, i grab one of her other books. she'll chase the clouds out of a day faster than a cool summertime breeze.
i participated in a bloghop-ish thing the other day on one of my ifriend's (that's as in {imaginary friends}, my affectionate name for my blog/cyberpals) blogs. mama4real has a read-it-forward thing and i'm pretty excited that i won her giveaway.
nora robert's angels fall. i've never read her before, so i'm looking forward to something new. this gives me incentive to finish the used world.
and i'm going to pass on one of my favorite books to julie. because reading is just so fun that way. it's like introducing someone to a dear friend.
what great book(s) have you read lately, and would you care to introduce them to me/us?


  1. Anything by Sarah Addison Allen. Or, is it Sarah Allen Addison? I'm at school, I have ten minutes left, so don't be expectin' me to be thinking straight...


  2. I am about 10 years behind the trend but I just finished Francine River's book Redeeming Love. It's beautifully written and unbelievably captivating - a must read, for sure!

    Another author I'm fond of is Tamara Leigh - she's a Christian chick-lit author whose characters are so realistic you'll often find yourself wondering how they're doing! Haha. I love her books Splitting Harriet and Faking Grace!

  3. ooohhh, these books look yummy, thanks for the recommendations. right now i am re-reading anne lamott's "grace(eventually)" her, she is real as they get...
    enjoy the weekend!

  4. oh yeah, Redeeming Love was A-MAZING and par t of what inspired me to start writing seriously.

    I'm excited for our little swap!! I will plan to get to the PO tomorrow. I meant to today but hubs took most of the day doing what I thought would take an hour, in MY car w/ the carseats!

  5. I read The Art of Racing in the Rain a while back. It's a very easy read, and I enjoyed it - it's told from a dog's perspective :)

    I am just now getting into (ie 100 pages in) A Voice in the Wind, which is the first book in Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series. I wasn't going to buy it, but when I was staring at the selection of her books in the bookstore when we were in the US last, a girl stopped and told me that series was her favorite, so I went for it. She warned me that it was slow starting out, and she was right, but I'm really starting to get into it now and can't wait to read more!


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