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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wish it was wordless wednesday

alas. with nothing of real substance, i give you…
not sure what this says. i don't read chinese. hope it's clean!

Wish it Was Wordless 
Wednesday Haiku

my mind is a blank
clever thoughts eluding me
must get back to work.

{crickets chirping, no doubt}

where has the time gone?
my baby will be 19…
she's so grown up.

my lawn is so brown
summer drought is upon us
crackle crackle crunch

what's on your mind today?


respond in haiku

or if you must…

…a {clean} limerick.


  1. Wanted you to know
    Yesterday I mentioned you
    In my blog post: PINT

    Phew, requiring haiku for comments is quite the challenge for my heat-fried brain :-) As I was saying, I tried PINT yesterday, and I told them I got it from you and suggested they check out your wonderful blog. Hope it gave you some traffic!

  2. Potato bugs feast.
    Lamenting my crop failure;
    Where did they come from?

    They came from the West?
    Colorado, they tell me.
    Why don't they stay home!


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