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Thursday, July 1, 2010


i blogged about this last year, and if you weren't a fan then and missed it (well that's sort of cocky of me to think that i have "fans") please go back and read. it sums up bamagirl pretty well (and the pictures are delicious).

my baby is 19 today. she was a surprise in more ways than one, and we couldn't be more blessed as parents.

unlike many of my friends… i don't have a list of things she's doing now… like "says da-dah" or screams every time her brother begins walking in her direction…

actually, there is a list i could make…

i can't believe it's been nineteen years already since you entered this world. i remember you arrived (after some ridiculous pitocin-laced natural labor) so quiet and curious… looking around wondering why the heck was it so bright and cold??
you were such an easy baby. we used to call you our poseable barbie. wherever we set you, you'd be happy until we moved you someplace else.
you slept like a champ. for hours… heaven for a momma, let me tell you!
and now… you still sleep like a champ. and you're kinda like a hibernating bear that's been disturbed from its sleep when you wake up… takes you a few minutes to shake the sleepies off yourself (something you do with a sneeze or two. funny how you do that every morning. it's how i know you're up).
you've sailed through your freshman year of college with flying colors.
you pledged a sorority and learned how to juggle your time between work and play. smooooth.
you have managed your finances this past year better than i could have dreamed. (yay!)
you've made amazing new friends… one in particular… who has captivated your heart…
you've learned the alabama fight song. sigh. as a volunteer alum, this has been a bitter pill to swallow, but it's better than doing the gator chop. seriously, i'd have to disown you if that ever happened.
you study as if your very life depends on it, and this attitude has netted you some rockin' good grades. seriously… what freshman goes to a huge SEC school and makes grades like these? (thanks for not being a chip off the ole block here)
you're kind and considerate, you are an encourager and love to be with your new "sisters."
you're still a ridiculous planner. (again, not hardly a clone of me…) you had your housing settled for this school year back in september. at least six months ahead of schedule. (notsomuch, your brother… ha!)
you're surviving being back at home after a year on your own, and while i'm sure this has been a difficult endeavor, you've weathered this pretty well.
you're still learning how to "use your words" when you're upset or disappointed, but frankly, so am i, and i'm glad that we can work together to be more effective communicators.
i love how you're open and honest (sometimes brutally so… and i'm afraid here is where you take after my quick tongue… my bad) and i pretty much know what you're thinking. you're real and authentic, and that's such a rare quality in today's day.
i'm desperately proud of all you've accomplished… but always want you to know how desperately much you are loved despite anything you say or do. you're driven and determined and intensely loved. how i want you to know how much we adore and cherish you as a person, a daughter, a woman after God's heart, a princess in His Kingdom. May He guide your every step as you seek to follow Him.


  1. wow....thats all i can sweet

  2. such an incredibly sweet post!

  3. awwwwwww! she is a lovely girl and you are an amazing mama!

  4. I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

  5. What a beautiful baby your surprise was!
    She is gorgeous, hope her birthday was wonderful. Being a proud parent is the best joy ever!

  6. you MUST love her...Alabama fight song!!! gah
    sweet post!! happy birthday to your girl!


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