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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

busy as bees…

today is my last day in town before leaving to go visit my family in wisconsin. tons of work still to do, wanted to do some sewing for bama girl before she gets home from the beach {which happens while i'm away}, need to spruce up the house a bit {dust bunnies so big you can saddle and ride 'em}, make bama girls bed {nice fresh linens to come home too… yeah, she's spoiled, but i don't get much momming to do these days so i take what i can!}, and still need to pack.
i have so much planned for my time away. i'm going alone because the hubs is so covered up with work {as am i, but have laptop, will work on the road… booooooo} he can't get away, bama girl is at the beach, and boy wonder has to work. my nephew just graduated from high school, so i thought it would be a good excuse to go back and see the family.
i don't make it back much… not as much as i should, anyway.
i could go into a long analysis why, but i think the short answer is that it's a painful place to be.
i lost my mom ten years ago, and i traveled back and forth about six times over the eight months she was ill. my mom made it as fun as a person could who was dying of cancer… she never spent one minute dying, though. she sucked the life out of every single day and never wanted to be a downer to be around. it's just that it's not the same going back… i miss her more when i go. not so much when i'm here.
i still miss my mom.
i'll only be gone six days… and i sure hope that while i'm away all of our tomatoes don't turn red. i've waited all ding-dang summer long. this has been a tremendous season of patience. goodness gracious, they've been in the ground since tax day. what the heck is taking so long???
not that the dogs are waiting, mind you. three little dachshunds… all with tastebuds that lean toward green tomatoes… and they don't even need to be fried.
fresh off the vine will do just fine…
hope there are some left.
and we got our first zucchini last nite. just in time to throw on the grill for dinner.
mmmm. i love me some summer veggies!


  1. It can be so hard to leave home can't it? Sometimes we're so eager for a change of scenery, yet when one is granted, it's hard to leave the scenery that is so precious to us.

    I'm sorry you're missing your mom. I totally get it. We're putting out PayDays on Sunday to honor my dad. He and Mac used to share them, and yesterday when Brad suggested I put a picture of Dad near the bowl, I started to sob. I was shocked.

    Aren't be blessed to have had such good experiences with our folks? I'd rather have this pain than ambivalence.

    Safe travels!

  2. beautiful shots!!
    hope you have a great trip...I will miss you :)

  3. I hope you a good trip. My condolences on the loss of your mom. She sounds like a very special lady. And on a lighter note, I'm waiting for my tomatoes as well. Jonesing for tomatoes actually...

  4. Safe travels, dear! I hope it is more good than hard, but if it is hard, I hope you have a good (safe) car cry. That's where I do my best crying over my mom. xo

  5. Beautiful shots!
    And cheers for homegrown veggies... gotta love life's little blessings :)

  6. John read yesterday that tomatoes won't ripen on the vine until it's consistently below 85 degrees. Apparently you can pick the ones that are ready to ripen and ripen them inside off the stalk. We haven't tried that yet though.

  7. Hope your trip goes well. I can't believe the dogs eat the green tomatoes.


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