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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PINT: controversy-style

i'm on a slight rant. 
after reading a bunch of tweets from mckmama, i felt the need to vent… but i'm doing it on a post it, because of course, it's PINT, brought to you by:

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i know opinions are hard to swallow sometimes. but they're just that. opinions. dialogue is good. silence is what is dangerous. 
don't mean to step on any toes… and chances are some of you won't agree. i'm taking a bold move stepping out here politically… but these are serious times. as a small business owner, i've seen policies enacted that are not encouraging folks to get in/do business. there's a huge waiting game out there to see how bad new policies will crush our businesses. it's a catch 22. businesses can't get loans, or they're waiting to see how things shake out and aren't hiring. it's a super negative climate out there. higher taxes and more regulations just don't seem like the answer to me… and this logic just has me scratching my head. 
see what you think after you see this video. 


  1. Visiting from PINT.
    I don't really follow politics myself but I think I would have to agree with you there. I've never been on unemployment, but people go crazy over it here. It's like a way of life.

  2. I agree with you that it's a temporary solution, not a long term fix.

  3. You have a point that it may not make a lot of sense, but if people who have been out of work no longer have money to spend on food and essentials we will have even more home foreclosures, people moving to welfare and no one buying from ANY businesses. I think that is probably the point.

  4. You go girl! I agree completely. Which is why I stay away from all political anything. Just sickens me the whole lot of it. If you have the integrity to stand up to the system and do anything about it, you won't be able to get elected unless you compromise your principles to get their support. It's definitely NO-WIN.

  5. I agree it's a horrible catch 22. It's like so many assisted programs. You have the people that really do need it and try and then you have the people that misuse it and make it hard for the ones who really need it. Sadly I've seen so many take advantage and the ones who needed it get nothing or little. Sorry frustrates me when I see ppl work the system. I so agree with more jobs? That is tough one when we see less jobs and more out of work and spending less since they have less so the jobs needed to help them are not more. Sad situation!

  6. This is where I sit back quietly and enjoy the view.

    I'm so not politically minded and I usually end up saying something I don't mean and really know nothing about, so, here I sit. :)

  7. Preach it, girl! I couldn't agree more but I'm afraid I can't watch the video. I just can't stomach that woman.

  8. I understand that the norm is 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. That doesn't seem heartless, cruel, and mean-spirited to me. They're talking about wanting to put install a 99 week unemployment benefit deal. NINETY NINE WEEKS. Wouldn't you think that if someone sees their job is not returning they should perhaps consider retraining for something else? I mean, at some point the people who made card catalogs had to realize that they needed to train for something else. The guys who made buggy whips had to do the same. I do not think that people enjoy being unemployed. I think it is crushing to their sense of self esteem. So if the govnt would lower taxes so that the companies out there might hire new employees, that would help a LOT. 99 weeks of unemployment will only prolong the inevitable and destroy the economy, for it's not creating wealth. We are now an 80% service-based economy. Isn't that tragic! If we could get the prong collar of taxation off the necks of companies so they can hire, that would be a good first step in creating wealth. (IMHO) ;-)

  9. I agree with you. Go ahead and speak your mind, it's your blog!


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