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Friday, July 16, 2010

reality check

it's hot.
but it's okay. i dreamed of these days all throughout february.
and march.

i'm so blessed.
i have air conditioning.
water in abundance.
medical care on demand.
food… so much food my refrigerator is overflowing.
i have family.
two of them.
my birth family.
my married family.
we get a long (for the most part).
i have a roof over my head.
a job.
an education.
reliable transportation (to a degree i don't deserve).

my SIL just returned from haiti.

reality check.

i have so much more than i could ever want.
ever need.

the list could go on forever…

so blessed.

may i never forget that for a minute.


  1. We are all more blessed than anyone knows!

  2. Good reminder. We all should take the time to count our blessings.

  3. I agree with everyone above me - good reminder. When we stop taking things for granted and fretting over the little things, we realize how truly blessed we are!

  4. great reminder...we are all blessed just to live in such a great country of opportunity


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