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Saturday, July 3, 2010

lazy, hazy summer days

we began our holiday a bit early with a birthday celebration for bama girl on thursday. we had offered up the idea to go to her favorite restaurant with a few of her friends, but she decided that she'd rather go to taste of thai for lunch and have a cookout/wiffle ball game at our house instead.
the boys have been MIA for weeks… it's been hot as hades in the tropics here and many of the boys are counselors at a nearby adventure camp and are whipped by the time they get off at 4. if it's not a pool, oftentimes they're in a cool room giving their thumbs a work-out on a video game. 
we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. the sun was out in a cloudless sky, the humidity was next to nothing, and there was a delightful breeze. it was heaven in july… we don't get days like this in the summer too often!
the boys played wiffle ball while we got dinner ready… and then the hubs went to play too. i was busy grilling away, so sorry, no photos from the event. and sometimes, it can be awkward always being "that mom" who whips out her camera at every turn… even us moms cave to peer pressure.
it was a fun evening capped off by a fireworks show in the street. even our neighbors enjoy having all these cars and the whoops and hollers of these games. they really love it and miss them when they're not around.
we don't have many plans for the weekend other than going to a friends farm for a cookout and massive fireworks event on the water. it's our doing… and pretty fun. just hope that the men can be safe. the fourth of july homemade fireworks extravaganza always makes me a tiny bit jittery.
bama girl left for the beach this morning and boy wonder went to atlanta for the braves game last night and is in chattanooga the rest of the weekend visiting friends and seeing his girlfriend. he's got the week off from work and so does his girlfriend, so they'll probably head up to gatlinburg to see meeka and pops (the hubster's parents) and chill out in the mountains and maybe do a day at dollywood.
©AELTC / T.Lovelock
we watched a little breakfast at wimbledon today and watched serena williams kick a little tennis booty in about 66 minutes. she was on fire, yet didn't seem to break a sweat. what a dynasty those williams sisters are.
after the hubs finishes checking his email, we're off to ride bikes. maybe i'll take my camera. the little point and shoot number. i don't feel like lugging my big camera on a hot day. this way i won't have to wear a backpack. no plans for the rest of the day… i really need to clean and should get busy sewing for bama girl, but we'll see. what's a lazy summer day if i'm going, going, going, anyway!!?


  1. I'm so envious of your community!!!

  2. sounds like fun!!! enjoy the rest of your weekend. p.s. i put a link to my challah recipe up on my blog post for today so you can check back when you have time....


  3. Sounds perfect. I hope to see some fireworks on TV tonight. It is pouring in Florida. Happy 4th!


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