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Monday, July 5, 2010

sans camera

the camera gods have not been smiling at me lately.
i took a cool (well, actually, it was blistering hot, but whatever) bike ride with the hubster on saturday. kids were both out of town (and would have faked an amputation to get out of going along) so as soon as we finished our emails, etc. we were off. at high noon. yay on the steaming overhead sunshine. but the trail was often shady, and it was gloriously pretty.
i would show you, but the camera… while the batteries were checked and in fine working order before we left… was missing the sd card. yeah. go figure. it's not like i take that thing out… like… ever. whatever. i probably would have wrecked my bike anyway. but still. there were fun things to remember along the way.
on to our 4th of july picnic yesterday evening. our friends live on 26 acres. cows. hay bails. lake. dogs. sunflowers. new barn. patriotic bunting. kick a*s fireworks. no flipping camera. my SIL called as we were assembling our treasures we were bringing to share. the hubs was all afluster about serving bowls, get in the car, blah blah blah. i was trying to have a conversation with his sister about serious spiritual matters/family breakthroughs and was trying to give her my attention. i got in the dang car and we drove away (and massacred the american flag cupcakesen route… but that's another story). about the time i hung up the phone, i realized i left my camera home. grrrrr.
guess i'll just have to go back and visit again with my camera in tow.
on a side note, while i don't have a visual odyssey of my shenanigans this weekend, i was fully present. something that's hard to do when you're always behind the lens. so i focused on being engaged. intentional. and fully present. i tend to hide behind my camera and sometimes feel awkward shooting candid shots which end up not being so candid because i carry a big a*s camera much of the time.
learning to balance here. and learn. grow. engage.


  1. I know this isn't funny, but I had to laugh, for I could identify with the frustration. :-) I've left my SD card out after uploading photos to my computer. I've forgotten my camera when I so wanted to photographically (is that a word?) record an event. But I do agree that sometimes we do feel more engaged if we just LOOK at what's going on around us, rather than always having to snap it.

  2. no pictures, but it *sounds* like you had fun! :)

  3. so true my other "me"...when you take the pics you miss out on stuff for sure...sounds like fun minus the squished cupcakes :)

  4. Sorry about that :( Sounds like you had a nice time and you will have to go back so we can see the fun you had!


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