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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

crazy crazy

it's crazy busy around here… meaning nothing is new. but MET did take it upon herself to sew a couple of pillows on her own. whoot whoot!
she'll be moving back to tuscaloosa this weekend. how much she moves depends on her apartment, which is currently under construction. thankfully, the construction is finished, the furniture {yay, it's furnished!} is in and everything is ready… except the permits. they're still saying august 8th for move in. we're praying they'll be ready this weekend.
if not, she'll move most of her clothes and some small things with her this weekend, and then practice her nomad skills until the following weekend. she's got rush workshops all week, and will be covered up with rush activities all next weekend (read: mom and dad get all the move in day fun)… so she's really wanting it to be available this weekend (and so are we… we'd at least have another body to help us move in with 100+ degree temperatures).
bamagirl is my plan-ahead-likes-things-tied-in-a-pretty-bow child. and when she can't, she stresses. which is where MET comes in. MET has been a little stressy lately. but MET's just gonna have to get over it. because MET's assistant is way covered up with work and just has to squeeze in MET's projects when she can.
MET's assistant needs a margarita (or several).
boy wonder heads back next weekend too (another reason why moving bamagirl this weekend would be sooooo preferable). but he's only 90 minutes away and he can wait until monday or something. it's just us finding the time to get away from work to do it. he's a strapping young lad (with an able bodied girlfriend) so if worst comes to worst, he can fly solo, but i'd hate for that to happen. it's his first house… and he needs a little MET assistant action. (why should MET get all the fun!?)
i like to move it-move it… i like to move it-move it… i like to… NOT!
praying that i live through the next week or so.


  1. Yay! Able bodied and skilled young woman sews her own pillows. News at 11...

    Enjoy your margarita, have some gulps for me!

  2. BTW--You are such a good mom! I am not. Today, my son almost fainted when I made his mac and cheese lunch. That's how low his expectations are for me...

    Still, he loves me. ;)

  3. Praying that is all works out. It does sound really crazy!


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