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Friday, July 9, 2010

enough drama. prepare to laugh

i can't post this here, because, frankly, it would take too long, and i'm on vacation, and i don't have the energy. mostly because i just laughed so hard, i was crying. i mean literally.
please go here. even if you don't need a laugh.
laughing is soooo good for the soul.


  1. Thanks! I needed that. :-D I've got tears streaming down my cheeks! I think one has to be a cat lover to understand. (and dog lover, and bird lover, etc.) ANYWAY, I was 'disemvoweled' this week for daring to have a Conservative thought. Freedom of speech only seems to be working one way these days.

    SO, the funny was very welcomed by me!

  2. that was just about the funniest thing i have EVER read!!! oh. my. gosh!!! thanks for sharing...


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