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Monday, July 26, 2010

martha stewart doesn't live here…

her evil twin does.
and her evil twin doesn't know HALF the stuff martha knows.
martha's evil twin (MET) knows what she wants and is creative… she just doesn't know how to sew very well and has these lofty goals on what her assistant (i.e. me) can do. i'm no seamstress, but know enough to get by. (which, by the way, so does MET, but is reluctant to try)
MET and her assistant did a pretty good job of procrastinating, too. we are now six (five?) days and counting… and the clock is ticking.
and MET isn't one who embraces stress. MET gets kinda testy. which makes her assistant kinda crunchy and crumbly. and for some reason, we got on a cake boss kick over the weekend (made easier by the marathon they were having on TLC). watching buddy deal with stress isn't exactly the rule book we need to be modeling our coping mechanisms after.
we're making progress, though…
• her towels are detailed (white towels with yellow trim with brown appliqued flowers) and the bath towels are out to get monogrammed.
• the canvases are painted (MET did it. adorable. MET can paint.)
• bins are packed. accessories ready to move.
but there's still a lot to do.
• tv cabinet needs painting to be finished and distressing.
• large pillows need to be assembled and hand-stitched closed.
• piping for large pillows needs to be finished (ran short and have to make more)
• small pillows need to be assembled. (zippers in back —go me!— so no hand stitching to finish)
• shower curtain needs to have little yellow silk flowers attached and then the stems painted (MET is afraid of this task, so has asked her assistant to help/do)
did i mention that MET's assistant has a mountain of work {for which she actually gets paid} to do?? web site overview and images to get… marketing plans to devise… agendas for meetings to hammer out with people… new product packaging to design… signage packages for new 8 new stores opening {on the same ding-dang day} in less than 6 weeks???

oh, but wait. i think i'll blog about that since i have so much extra time.

whaaaaa whaaaaaa whine whine. get me some cheese to go with that, please.

secretly, i love doing stuff like this. and i wish i had more time to do it. i love working with my hands and assembling and then admiring the results. it's fun! and i love working with MET. she's a slave driver, but good company (when she's not stressing like the cake boss).
i wish i could extend this deadline and enjoy more time with MET. but alas. duty calls. her life has been on hold in tuscaloosa since may. the girl is ready to get back. there's all kinds of exciting stuff awaiting. new apartment. new roomies. new rushies. new sisters. new classes. new experiences. new issues with her her boyfriend who has now transferred to u.alabama birmingham to pursue his football career.
new beginnings…and she can't wait.
the assistant is merely the vehicle to get her there.
i'm okay with that. i've got a front seat view to life in the collegiate lane.
it's a good show.


  1. I really like the pillow. I'm just happy that Martha Stewart put all her little tricks into package so I just have to use glue.

  2. Looks like some awesome things your working on. I just don't have desire to do that stuff anymore. The MS in me died years ago. Hope you get it all done. You go girl!

  3. Wouldn't it be special if we could truly stretch ourselves thin? You'd be there, and you wouldn't have to give up fruit...

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about all you have to do...I think I'll go take a nap now ;-) Seriously though, take a deep breath, and then another one. I have confidence that you'll get it all done. {{hugs}}

  5. Exhausted reading this. That's one heck of a pillow!

    you really are martha---because I for one don't even have the slightest clue how to do any of that stuff, nor do I own a sewing machine.

    you are inspiring!


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