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Friday, July 2, 2010

night and day

just finished reading a book. i say "just" like it wasn't that long since i started it.
i should have said
took me longer than six weeks. and i'm a fast reader. well, not evelyn wood, but i'm no slouch.

are you the type of person, that no matter how much you don't like a book, you won't put it down and move on?
i am.
don't know what it is… but i ain't no quitter.
so i slogged through it and it's over.
sad thing… i loved her three previous books.
HATED this one. well, hated is a strong word. how about had a major aversion?
it was the kind of book that would put you to sleep… as opposed to keeping you up as you furiously tried to read so you could see what would happen next. or see what someone would say…
it was the kind of book that meandered and odd characters would reappear and you'd have to go back and see if you could find that person in a previous chapter so you could figure out who the heck it was and why they were important to the story. i hate that.
the kind of book that has subject matter contrary to your moral fiber… but it's not revealed until well over halfway through the book. grrrr.

but it's over now, and i can move on. {which i could have done weeks ago if i didn't have not a quitter issues.}

on to brighter pastures.

…like heaven in a hardcover…
characters i like.
a story line i can follow… a little intrigue… flashbacks that make sense, for goodness sakes.
two pages in and i cared about the main character.
i want to stop doing meaningful things {like working} so i can read.

thank you. you're like a drink of cool water after six weeks in the desert.


  1. You're more dedicated than me. I'm a quitter. ;-) If it doesn't grab my attention in the first chapter, it's not worth my time.

  2. It all depends...sometimes I give up, sometimes I skim, sometimes I stick with it.

    I haven't read any Nora Roberts, but I'll give one a try. I need some good summer reading.

  3. It's only been in the last year that I've given myself permission to stop reading if I'm not into a book. It was painful at first, but has proven well worth the "philosophy" change. The way I see it, there are just too many amazing books out there to waste my time on the drivel.

    So glad you are free! Woo Hoo

  4. I have abandoned only a couple books ever - I hate not to finsh, even if I don't like it.

  5. Wait, so what book was it that you were reading? Sort of curious now! I used the be the same way about finishing a book even if I didn't like it, but I've moved on now and allow myself to :)


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