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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sticky tuesday

i've been a woman of few words lately. highly unusual for me. enjoy it while it lasts, people.
here's the weekly installment of PINT, brought to you by the coolest mom. no wait. the most supah mom. go check out the other post its. people can be so clever. (not that i'm including myself with that this week)
and if i can make a post it, anyone can. seriously. go here.


  1. hey! Stopping by from Post it notes Tuesday! I'm going to prented I didnt read all your notes about the Bachelorette because I havent watched it yet!

  2. I have never watched an episode of the Bachelorette. Clearly, I ain't missing anything ;)

    Visiting from PINT!

  3. I saw a hilarious clip from TB on The Soup on E. Well, hilarious as a synonym for uncomfortable.

    You're right this is a shallow post, but I laughed, and that is a gift. So consider yourself unshallow, um, I mean deep.

    As for my blog today, my husband was the deep one--not me!

  4. Nice.
    Stopping in from PINT to say hello.
    I'm kinda brain dead myself today.
    Thank goodness for these post it notes!

  5. Gotta love The Bachelorette. Never have I been more embarrassed for a contestant than with Casey.

  6. The bombdotcom made me LOL!!!!! hahahhaa I am totally gonna use that!

  7. hee hee! haven't seen the bachelor, but now i can feel as if i have.

    our summer obsession? america's got talent!


  8. I love, love, love corn on the cob! Happy PINT!

  9. So its Bachelorette your talking about!
    I thought I was LOST :) Haven't had any corn yet, must get me some.

  10. hair in the drain/bathroom is disgusting. I know some is inevitable, but I try to stay on top of that stuff. ewwww!

  11. I'm so glad others have those "guilty" shows. I get razzed for my favorite reality show a lot. And I gotta say, I always enjoy your PINT posts. You are truly funny.

  12. such funny posts....i have been keeping caught up...tried to limit my blogging but not stopping from visiting you. thanks for your sweet comments...have a great summer.


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