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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

post it note tuesday: the novel version

if these actually WERE post its, i probably would have gone through an entire package. thankfully, i haven't watched TB yet, or i more than likely would have.
hold on to your diet cokes, friends. this is kinda long.
and rather meaningless…
but it is my world.
i can't help it that my world isn't more exciting…
or more clever…
you can read back a few days (like yesterday) when i actually had something to say. for now, it's PINT.
brought to you by supahmommy. go visit her, check out what she has going on. while you're there, leave a comment. {for that matter, leave one here, too. comments make my heart sing, in this self-indulgent needy kind of way}
every tuesday, supah hosts a fun meme… your world on a post it note. wanna play? it's simple. go here, make your posts its (directions are right there, and if i can do it anyone can!), and add your name to the list.
happy tuesday.


  1. Wow that is certainly a pricey week! Hopefully things stay working and you don't see a repair man for a long long time! Stopping by from Supah's! :)

  2. Definitely have him short out the cook top! With no stove, no A/C you should be in a cool restaurant taking it easy. If you can catch a ride, that your PINT. Always entertaining. Not that I like watching you suffer (grin), it's just that you have such a positive attitude and make it so funny, whatever it is.

  3. We've had a lot of weird weather pass through too.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. ugh!!!!!!! that sucks...all of it!! when it rains it pours right?!

  5. wow that does sound like an expensive week hope things get better soon

  6. A stove, car and AC? I would be crying!

  7. I just had my car in the shop, I hate when it goes in, I always fear that there will be MAJOR problems.
    Hope your week gets less $$

  8. cha-ching! i do not like weeks like this!

  9. Wow you have had a tough week... and shhh... don't tell be I have served hamburger helper 3 days straight before. And no my oven was not broken.


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