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Friday, June 25, 2010

fried basil and fireworks

the father's day ice cream was a huge hit. (so much so that bama girl has asked for it for her birthday next week) i left the ice cream maker outside the back door and planned to dump the salt water over the fence into our easement behind the house. no worries of the dogs licking the salt or destroying any plant life that we didn't already want destroyed.
i didn't get to it in time.
the hubs, being ever-so-helpful (really, no sarcasm there… really) watered the basil and our planter with…
yep. the bucket of majorly salted water.
of course, when he saw the huge chunks of kosher salt in the dirt of our planter, he said oops. i couldn't hardly get angry. it was my fault for leaving my toys out.
i flushed the soil with lots of water and crossed my fingers.
but sadly, it doesn't look like basil likes salty water.
i'm sort of scared to think that i'll not have a single daffodil greet me next spring.

friday mornings are my early mornings. the hubs goes to his friday morning men's group (affectionately called the moose club) and leaves the house about 6:25 as i continue enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the paper.
since boy wonder has to leave the house at 7:15 every day, i don't linger in bed much, since i want to love on my son by making him breakfast and making his lunch. sure, he's a little spoiled, but it's something i enjoy doing and is appreciated as boy wonder's love language is acts of service.
i saw some left over slice and bake cookies in the fridge as i was getting out lunch stuff and thought i'd pop them in the oven so BW could have a little sumpin-sumpin extra in his lunch. so i preheated the oven and went about my business.
it wasn't too long before i noticed a popping/sizzling noise and wondered who has spilled something on the oven and what was burning off…
i put the dogs outside. i've learned the hard way that if the dogs hear the smoke alarm, they go berserk {a vast understatement}. and with still sleeping people in the house, the last thing i needed on a quiet friday morning was three screaming dogs and a shrieking smoke alarm.
i opened the oven door to my own private fireworks display. with this cool electrical hum/popping thing.
close the door.
hmmmm. what the heck?
what spilled on the element?
why is that glowing sparkler feature snaking from one end of the element to the other?
turn off oven.
hmmmm. what the heck?
i should probably unplug the oven, but i can't quite manage that.
should call the hubs.

well. the element is shot. the oven light no longer works. but the burners up top still work. don't know what this means other than i wanted to make BW fresh baked cookies (notice how i didn't say homemade).
on to the toaster oven. not perfect, but they'll do in a pinch.

good thing this wasn't monday. i probably would have gone back to bed.


  1. Bummer on the oven, and the basil.

  2. Oh no and oh no - double trouble!

  3. I'm mourning your basil with you. And wow, fried oven, never heard of that. At least it's Friday!

  4. uh oh.. no oven.. well, you have a grill right?? lol
    and as for the basil, scoop it up, throw it in with fresh tomatoes, motzerella (so wish I knew how to spell that) and some oil and vinegar- instant summer salad a la my mom!!

    I followed you via Claire's journal.. I continue to pray for her...


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