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Friday, October 15, 2010

Off for a Gorge-ous Weekend!

No time to really post a real post… busy packing, which wouldn't have been stressful if I had taken my winter clothes out of the attic before 9pm last night. Sigh.
Or if I hadn't watched Grey's Anatomy this morning as I sorted through clothing. Double sigh.
Still need to grab a shower and be to the church by a reasonable time.
Why the need to sort and pack and leave?
Why I'm going to the gorge, that's why!
Our church's high school ministry is taking our high schoolers off to fall camp at Doe River Gorge… only the best spot in upper East Tennessee!! It's an annual trek and so fun. Our gathering times happen under a huge tent… no heat except for some space heaters. With temperatures to dip into the 40s at night, the tent gets really cold after the sun goes down. The days are slated to be sunny and warm (ish) so I don't think anything will get in the way of the annual football game. Guys vs. Girls. Guys on their knees… girls fully ambulatory. The girls actually won last year.
I am approaching this weekend with much prayer. It's been a rough few months for me and I'm fearful that I'm emotionally and spiritually weary before I even get on the bus. Praying that the Lord will fill my heart to overflowing so I can effectively pour out His Spirit to my high school friends.
I'll be taking many pictures over the weekend in hopes of telling His Story upon our return. My hope is to use this as a tool to "sell" myself in a future position where I might be able to creatively share His Story and all He is doing in and around us. Pray, too, for opportunities there, too.
Have an awesome weekend. I'm looking forward to sharing God's goodness to my high school junior ladies and sharing life-giving opportunities with my fellow leaders. May God get all the glory!


  1. God is in control and will accomplish His purposes. What blessing we get when He uses us! Have a wonderful time. We were through eastern TN today. It is beautiful!! I kept wondering if there was any way we could afford a second home. ;-)

  2. I hope it's a successful trip! I'll be praying for you! And if you would please pray for me, I'm having a real hard time with the preparation for my Precept class. We're studying the light and fluffy book of Romans...and I completely disagree with their interpretation of the passage for next week...egads! I need guidance in how to teach it! (FYI, Romans 7. Not like others have ever found it controversial ;-)

  3. I will keep you in my prayers. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. That football game must be fun to watch. Enjoy and soak in all the beauty.


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