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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PINT: the fall love affair version

wanna play along? c'mon, you know you do. head on over to that one mom, and link up!

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. I am loving fall too. But it's been really unusually warm!

  2. What is the picture upload thing you keep talking about? mine is no different? I can only do 5 at a time.

  3. Our fall has been gorgeous too. Part of it is because we've had no rain, the changing leaves are hanging on longer for us to admired. And I am admiring!

  4. Lulu seems to love acorns too. I just don't get it. Luci has no interest in them. I always knew she was smarter than Lulu!

  5. Glad your loving the Fall weather. I did notice that things were loading faster, what did they do?

  6. Yes fall is pretty darn amazing. My favorite season by far! :) Love the Post its. You always make me smile.


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