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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PINT: the uninspired version

it's PINT. i'm too lazy to tell you how to link up.

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. I am dragging right with you sista! My youngest has had a cold so to fend off the hebbie jeebies, I have been taking benadryl to dry it all up. That means I have MEDICINE HEAD!!! Let's meet up at the bahamas tommorrow? (Wish it were that easy!) Happy PINT! Keep ya head up!

  2. I don't even have any fall decorations! Boo.

  3. If you don't do fall til November...I would skip it and go right into Christmas!
    And by the way....losses build character!

  4. I'm staring at a living room full of produce. We've dealt with about 1/3 of it...and still have 16 boxes to go...canning, freezing, blanching, sauce making...canning late into the night. I just need those veggies to process themselves. That way you and I can go out for margaritas!

  5. Some of my best friends are UGA fans, so they can feel your pain.

    If you find decorations the decorate and Clean - I will adore you for life!

  6. I never decorate for the seasons. I've always wanted to, but my house is such a trainwreck. I'm lucky to get a Christmas tree up!

  7. Do you need a ((HUG))? I am not ready for Fall, it's just too soon.

  8. you can't ALWAYS be full of's a will pass!!
    See ya on the mountain top :)



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