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Monday, October 25, 2010

rocky top fun with a little roll tide on the side…

believe it or not…
it was a picture perfect weekend here in east tennessee and i. did. not. take. one. single. photo.
i had the kids in town, a radio broadcast saturday morning (k-town gals all girl tailgate talk show) at which we catered and talked Petro's, grocery shopping, appetizer making, salad tossing, button creating (gone horribly awry, i'm afraid), tailgating, visiting, packing up, going home. whew. and that was just saturday! who has time for pictures??
anyway, by the time we got down to the stadium to tailgate, the cornflower blue skies of earlier in the day had evolved into grayish skies and i just elected to focus on the human beings in attendance rather than always being "that girl" who shoves a camera in everyone's face. looking back i kinda wish i had, but i'm fine with the mental memories. bamagirl snapped one with the parents and boywonder. so yay. one photo.
oh well…
sunday we attended church, lunched at our favorite (well, it's bamagirl's all-time favorite so she always lobbies hard for that one since she rarely gets to go there) thai restaurant for lunch, visited with friends at the house and all too soon, it was time for bamagirl and bamagirl'sboy to go back to tuscaloosa {with a victory in hand…heavy sigh}. nothing like a 30 hour visit! {happy to report that i was able to finish bamagirl's button project… her design which i illustrated and then made into legit buttons to wear to the game. you know… AOII Roll Tide with a cute little elephant… perhaps it was all that red and alabama nonsense that made my computer crash! too late for the UT/Bama game, but she and her sorority friends will have buttons to wear for the rest of the season.}
boywonder is on fall break this weekend, so he's hanging out chez parentals until tuesday nite. he'll play basketball with the boys {the hubs, his brothers and other guys play every monday nite} and then we'll gather for our usual late-night monday nite dinner. just me and the boys… i love my mondays!
so now it's off to work. which really just entails me staying off facebook and blogspot for a time. easier said than done.
i've got plenty to keep me busy today. my window is open and i'm working to the sound of a steady stream of rain. it's a perfect monday after a picture{less} perfect weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Time goes by so quickly!

  2. Great weekend for you! I thought of you on Sat while the game was on.

    On Sunday, we had my party. Out of town friends begged me to post pics on fb. One problem...I didn't take even one! Too good of a time to try to capture.

  3. It sounds like a lovely weekend. Sometimes pictures aren't necessary.


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