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Thursday, October 21, 2010

oh, my scattered brain.

not even sure why i'm here today or why i'm posting with literally nothing to say. ha! sounds like every post!
lots on my plate today and the a.d.d. is messing with my ability to focus. not to blame my lack of attention. perhaps it's carpal tunnel of the brain… or whatever you call doing a repetitive task to the point of it being daily brain surgery just to get going.
but i'm a happy girl, despite the CCT (i'll affectionately call it cerebral carpal tunnel). it's a beautiful day, the birds are chirping gaily outside my open window, the smell of freshly cut grass is wafting in to make me wish i was outside today (just please, not doing yardwork!). i have a ton of work to do and a dinner to go to later today and a yardsale to be at tomorrow morning at 6am (must go to the bank today and secure some change) and i have dust bunnies running through my house that should seriously be saddled up and ridden away. both the kids (and bama girl's boy) are coming home this weekend for the big UT/Alabama football game which will probably result in much orange blood-letting, but it will be fun anyway. we're going to tailgate with meeka and pops and some of their friends… should be a pretty massive crowd.
i believe my a.d.d. goes hand in hand with my epic procrastination skills.
go me!
oh, and i've tried the whole grown up using capital letters at the beginning of sentences for awhile now on my blog. did you even notice? i have grown weary of the practice and along with my crazy-huge dust bunnies… have decided to shrug my shoulders and say "whatev."
sunday our girls will be hanging out with Gomer from Hosea. i can so relate to her inability to fully accept the idea of full forgiveness and being washed clean. should be some interesting conversation. at least i'm hoping.
so that's it. i probably won't see my blog again until monday. or maybe sunday night. but who am i kidding? my brett (albeit a naughty brett these days…) is playing my packers. i still have a hard time processing that. but it's not as bad as when the titans play against my colts. or more specifically, our peyton. he's practically the patron saint of football here in knoxville.
oh, and sorry no pictures today. like eradicating/corraling/hog-tying my dustbunnies… just don't have time today.
but i will leave you with this… i saw this and thought if i just tried one hair whip, i'd end up in halo traction. you might want to try this yourself… but only if you have an ambulance standing by.


  1. You crack me up. CCT indeed...but I get it. I so totally get what you're saying. I'm feeling completely scattered, but the Precept lesson this morning went well. Lots of prayer went into that one! Reminded me that I should do that even when I'm not totally confused out of my gourd...I wish you will with Hosea. I'm thinking about doing that one next.

  2. Talented family! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sounds like it's going be awesome.

  3. have you read redeeming love by francine rivers (about gomer and hosea?) good book! hope your full plate weekend goes well!


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