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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

alls well in alabama!

it's hard to believe that all campus activities were canceled on wednesday night because of snow. it's hard to believe classes were delayed on thursday because of snow. and ice.
there was little evidence of it when we arrived at bama girl's apartment on friday afternoon. it was blissfully sunny and delightfully warm. the only evidence of the previous day's frozen past was the sheet of ice covering the stairs leading up to her front door. treacherous steppage. seriously, you'd think the apartment management would have some rock salt!! sheesh!
that was the only dicey moment of the entire weekend. it was a glorious time of togetherness, wonderful weather, lots of laughter and probably more eating than was good for me… but what else do folks do when they travel? they eat!
we ate dinner with all the elderlies at the red lobster before going to the sold out gymnastics meet against auburn. nothing against the red lobster, but it's not my idea of good seafood, but it suited the pocketbook nicely, and the food was pretty good. the cheese biscuits were ahhhhmazing. seriously, a coronary in every bite. i swear my eyes rolled up in my head over every bite.
alabama clobbered auburn in the meet. not even close. and our seats were waaaaaaay up in the nose bleed section. the view was really not that bad… but the photos left much to be desired. oh well. it was fun!
it was fun to spend time with bama girl's friends.
we spent a lovely saturday running errands and checking out some sights…
like the nursing school bama girl has applied to {should hear something in the next 4-6 weeks… highly competitive, but bama girl's GPA is rock solid} and her new apartment for next year. it's not that she doesn't already live in the taj mahal… seriously college has changed since the days of roach motels with cinder block shelving units of my day… but she and her roomies want to live closer to campus. they'll be within walking distance to the stadium {super important on game days!} and she'll be able to ride her bike to the sorority house and walk to her classes from there. it's super nice {still under construction} and we'll be furniture shopping as the summer approaches. hopefully before then she'll realize that pottery barn is not in my budget. heck i don't even have it in MY house! she needs to get in tune with her thrifty side in the next six months!
Photobucketfun times. good food. family time. it seriously doesn't get better than this!


  1. Okay, let's get Momma out of the shadows!

    Seriously, I'm glad you have a superb weekend!

    Do you have Ashley furniture down there? They do a good, solid job of ripping off Pottery Barn looks, and their quality is (truly) just as good.

  2. With the value of our dollar on a rapid decline, your bama girl might be carving her own furniture out of a tree stump. (Let's hope not.)

  3. Love Family weekend! We never really did that. I am reliving my youth vicariously through your stories about your kids:)


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