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Saturday, February 5, 2011


what to my wondering eyes {and wandering fingers} should appear… but my blog… completely blog-jacked!
several weeks ago i enthusiastically almost peed in my pants when i won a blog makeover from the totally talented and super-hilarious mandy hornbuckle. all courtesy of a giveaway on my sweet ellyn's blog. she is the uber-mom of five special children including the completely adorable seth, whom many of you prayed through his hearing loss and subsequent cochlear implant before age one. i love ellyn and am especially fond of mandy's humerous and supportive comments on ellyn's blog.

i love mandy's sense of humor, her love for the lord and her talented sense of design. she rocked my face off and you should certainly head over to hornbuckle design to see what other amazing things she has up her sleeves!

on another note… now that i have a rockin new blog, i've been thinking about what the heck i'm doing here. i had dinner the other night with IRL friend {i know, right?} and was mentioning that i have a blog. i blog. i'm a blogger.
ummm. i write. on the internet.
affected interest. what do you write about?
crickets… {and that was me this time}

good question.
i don't have kids anymore. well at least none at home.
i work from my home and barely get the the grocery store one time a week.
i am a youth leader of high school junior ladies… but i'm not about to start blogging about them.
i have three intelligence-challenged black n tan weiner dogs. they spend much of the day sleeping and really, is writing about three dumber-than-a-box-o-rocks weiner dogs all that spellbinding? i didn't think so.
i am married to a wonderful man of God… but he's so not on board with me blogging, spilling my guts on the internet, or wasting my time when i could be working {for him}. he doesn't like me on facebook or tweeting and goes through the roof if i text in bed. {understandable, but sometimes it just happens!}
i like to think of myself as creative, but really, i get so drained of being creative with my job, i don't have it in me to do projects. and then to photograph them well… well it's darn-right intimidating.

so it's time to really think about what i'm doing on here.
what's my function {junction}?
if anyone out there happens to know… holla.

thanks again to the sweet mandy hornbuckle. you have given me a new spring in my keyboard. hope to be back with something worthy of posting soon.


  1. So many of the things you mentioned are similar (enough) to my life...

    Keep blogging, you always have something good to say.

  2. You blog is beautiful, I really love it!

  3. Love your design. Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's. I'm looking forward to your post.

  4. You are all kinds of sweet, and you crack. me. up.

  5. You are refreshment for me. If you didn't blog, I would have a void in my life where you belong! Your blog is a platform for you to mentor young mommies across the board, and share the joy you get to experience after having success as a mom. You share your insights and your convictions in a way that encourage us and cause us to question our own, and strive for more! You read our blogs and comment back with helpful suggestions and advice... that's invaluable to me. I so appreciate who you are through this blog!!

  6. Your blog looks great! Some of my closest friends think blogging is so weird. Oh well. Let's just keep on keeping on!

  7. Love your new look! Just keep writing, girlie. It'll come. I am personally just trying to write as much as I can whenever I can. And that means waking up very early. Some mornings are more productive than others, but....I'm trying. Just like anything else, blogging/writing takes practice!


  8. don't stop blogging!!! I love the new look too! :)

  9. I love the new look...I'm behind in my reading, hence all of the commenting at once. Mandy did a most magnificent job with your blog...and yes, she is a hoot and a half. I love her. GASP! you told an IRL friend you have a blog?


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