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Thursday, February 10, 2011


well… there's plenty going on and i really have no business writing right now as i have an entire menu system to preflight and get to the printer. a tedious and boring job that my ADD mind wrestles to complete. i'm not really procrastinating. really.
since sunday, i've had a lot swirling around in my brain. i usually do. this is the life of one with ADD. not to harp on it or anything… it's just some days are more of a struggle than others. having so much technology at my fingertips doesn't help, either.
so anywhoo…
in my sunday school class, our pastor has been sharing about spiritual disciplines. today's message was about simplifying. it really spoke to me… not because my life is overly complicated, but because it's cluttered with things that don't really matter. not in the eternal sense, that is.
but there are things that press upon me. like too many activities. or decisions. important information. entertaining diversions. tempting temptations… even guilt.

what does a simple life look like?

perhaps choosing wisely and having discernment. a holy filter, if you will.

simplicity is a choice. it's a choice to not be overburdened.
an intentional effort to choose wisely. what is good. what is good for me…and ultimately, is what i'm choosing glorifying God?

simplifying doesn't just happen. certainly not spontaneously.
simplifying takes intentionality. for me… for the purpose of deepening my relationship with God.

for someone like me who struggles with ADD, simplifying involves FOCUS.
plan better. take time to commune… while being a tiny bit creative. that's my focus today. i'll let you know how that worked out.

there. i like that a whole lot better than talking about betrayal. that's also on my heart. i'm hoping by focusing today and communing with some creativity will help me deal with encouraging someone dear to me who has suffered a betrayal. my heart has compassion for the betrayer… but seriously struggling with wanting to kick that someone in the shins. this is where God and i are today… working through betrayal and encouragement.

as always, thanks for listening.


  1. It does take focus, and PRACTICE to simplify. Some days and weeks I am better at it than others, but it is always a work in progress and something I am striving for as well.

  2. well, there's much I could be doing right now, and I have no right to be reading a blog right now...but I choose to listen, and comment.

    we've had some forced simplifying of late--due to economics, and I have to say, I love the lack of distractions that sometimes allow me a few more moments to be aware that I am His daughter.

  3. focus, focus, focus--- so hard to do in our info saturated world. i think God misses the time He and I used to spend together, you know?


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