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Sunday, February 20, 2011

love the weekends

i'm breaking my own "rules" today and here i am on the computer on the sabbath. i try to fast from all things electronic on the weekend… and especially on sunday since i'm married to them all week long.
we had a very nice and relaxing day yesterday… sleeping in {sorta… if 8 am is sleeping in} and coffee, breakfast and the newspaper on the couch in the living room while we watched saturday morning news. the hubs and i went our separate ways… he to his man-cave {office} and me to the penthouse {my office} and i blogstalked and tweeted while he worked. i was freezing and indulged in a super hot bath and read one thousand gifts by ann voskamp. seriously in love with that book and that woman. but you've heard about my love affair too many times already, so i'll shut up. i promise. {but her blog is simply to die for and her photographs are visual poetry.}
went to the hub's boys' basketball game and came home only to have to make a return trip to retrieve my phone i left on the bleachers. must not try to carry on a conversation when i need to remember small details. the hubs began some yardwork and he swore i forgot my phone just so i wouldn't have to play along. {heh heh. not that that wouldn't have been a bad idea!}
upon returning, we decided to catch the fighter matinee, so we packed up our yard tools and ran to the movie theater. movie was good… pretty much hit my threshold for the f-bomb for about another 20 years. yikes. my ears were bleeding!
other than a few… we've seen most of the movies up for best picture. we like our movies and just wish we didn't have to forgo paying the mortgage every time we wanted to go! we're fortunate to have the cheapy dollar movie literally within walking distance from our house. the dawntreader is there now, so that's next on our list.
we finished the yard work today and i'm about to go off to have my small group with my girls. since it's president's weekend, there's no school tomorrow. so we'll do our Bible study, head downtown to the cereal bar {where they serve… what else? about any kind of cereal you can imagine} and then i believe it's a spend the night {not to be confused with a sleepover} at one of the other leader's home. i have to work tomorrow, so i'll be a party pooper and not stay late. {i enjoy my sleep WAY too much!}
so off i go. perhaps i'll do everyone a favor and grab me a quick shower first. it's crazy that it's 60 in mid-february. it'll turn cold again, but for now… we're soaking up every minute!


  1. I want to see that movie, Christian Bale is my favorite. *swoon* Since I was 14 and saw Swing Kids, I've been smitten. He's lovely, but apparently an @$$ in real life. I only know him on screen though, so we're good together ;)

    Movies are retarded expensive. We don't go very often, but we frequent the Redbox!!!

    Just saw "Unstoppable", that was really good!!

  2. The movie looks interesting, sans the F bombs! When they are overused, it gets old fast, doesn't it? I was enjoying the spring thaw here for a bit too, but it appears it is over now!

  3. We've been waiting for True Grit to hit the "cheaps" as we call them, and it did this weekend, but on Saturday I was too dizzy, Sunday had a friend in from out of town (which was all I needed to need a nap), and today, Brad had appts.

    So we hope to pay the $1.75 next weekend, 'cept that one's already filling up.

    Can't figure out how my three days off went by so fast! Taking vitamins to energize for the week...


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