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Thursday, February 17, 2011

tech rant 2.0

imagine if you will…
dinner with a friend.
the waitress is polite. efficient. the music is just right. no distractions to spending some good, quality time together.
but it's confusing… why is it your friend keeps staring at her lap? what's that unnatural glow?
could it be? she's texting while you are having a nice visit together?
what? she keeps doing it? and then manages to work into the conversation some of the stuff she's texting about?
if it's so okay to text others while supposedly "engaging" with you, then why not just park the iphone on the table and text away?
what in the world is the matter with people?
has the art of being fully engaged gone by the wayside in favor of non-stop facebook and twitter? must we foursquare our every move?
egads. i sure hope not.
now the even harder question… how to tell this person that she needs to discipline herself to step away from the iphone. especially for one who is in a ministry capacity. fully engaging should come first. you can tweet about it later.


  1. I'm not meant to judge but COME ON! That's awful.

  2. That is so rude! Our son does it all the time. He's sitting at the counter with me, we're supposedly visiting, and he's obviously texting his zillion text friends. (and he honestly thinks they're friends). And how about people who phone you, then you can tell that they are actually surfing the web at the same time. Another pet peeve of mine!!! I mean, why phone me if it's not going to be a two-way conversation?

    You're going to have me REALLY CRANKY by the time the week is over!

  3. Amen, Sista, I completely agree. How RUDE!

  4. PREACH! I must admit that the I-phone does so much that it just makes you want to keep playing with it. There is an app for everything. That being said, being face to face is so much better than via text or social media and sometimes you have to cut it off!!

  5. Restaurants should be no phone zones. My mom used to say she loved to ride in the car since there was no phone or tv. This way everyone could actually visit. Today kids are raised where everyone in the car has his own phone and tv. Sadly communicating with those in our presence has gone.

  6. This. Drives. Me. Crazy.

    I met up w/ some girlfriends that only get together maybe once or twice a year b/c of schedule conflicts, and one of them kept pulling out her phone and doing stuff... I was really frustrated and if/when we hang out again, if she does it, I'm going to have to say something. She always says how much she misses me, but then she's on her phone all the time! Drives me crazy.


    I hate confrontations but if it got me mad enough, I'd just stop talking. I'd sit and wait for her to stop and look me in the eye. I also have a hard time being with people that don't make eye contact ..... this would send me over the edge, LOL!

    Have a great day doll!

  8. I have my nice phone, several years old, can txt but only with the phone dial numbers, no keyboard and I am so happy with that. I think it is rude to be on the phone when your eating somewhere or visiting with someone. Give me back the good old days!!


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