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Monday, April 26, 2010

another flipping cool giveaway

not that i ever have anything super cool to give away (and i am too scared to do one of my own anyways because i'm afraid i won't have anyone enter and would be forever humilated) but i have friends (well, not IRL friends, but you get the picture) who do.
not that you have to head over there or anything and ruin my odds of winning, but if you really want to, sheri at unexpected bliss is giving away an apple itouch 8g along with a $15 itunes gift card. i could seriously use a new ipod since mine got lifted by boywonder forever ago. and it's not even a decent one, but it's compact for running/working out. something i'd rather die than actually do myself.
anywhoo… i digress. hmmm. how unusual. whoops. i gave up sarcasm. dang.


  1. wow what a nice giveaway...I won't enter since I already have my iphone and give you a better chance :)

  2. that is pretty flippin' cool!


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