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Friday, April 16, 2010

i ♥ facebook

i know. what's an old bat like me doing on facebook? beyond ruining fb for the youngsters for which it was created, i actually use it quite a bit to stalk keep up with my college-aged kids, and also to connect with my high school friends since they don't do email (that is so ten years ago). they barely do fb. their main form of communicating is via text message (or as the hubs fondly refers to it: texmexing) and just so you don't think i'm uber-weird, i'm a volunteer youth leader for high school–this year we have sophomores (both the hubs and i) and will continue to journey with them towards graduation, a short two years away!
but i digress (y'all should be used to that by now)…
i heart facebook.
and twitter, but that's another story.
i get all kinds of varied political viewpoints from my friends (ahem, the ones my age even!) i laugh at the hilarious comments that come across my news feed, can go vicariously to various bridal/baby showers, beach trips and hikes in the mountains… all from the comfort of my swivel desk chair. 
but most of all, i get to see some awesome videos. not just links of movie or tv show clips, but amateur films made by friends (like cookie tray ice olympics on the frozen deck), or just crazy stuff that goes viral.
like this: (and sorry about my dumb blog column limitations. you may just have to double click or whatever and just go to youtube because you must see the entire frame to get the full effect, and that goes for all the videos. sorry.)

this video would not be hilarious if it weren't for the subtitles. pure genius.
so not only do i get to spy see what my kids are in to, make new friends (sarah from IL), communicate with all my church girls (widcrib 608), catch up with friends from high school and college… but i get to see how incredibly funny and creative my friends are. 
bama girl's bamaboy made a series of short "films" to while away the unseasonably cold winter. they  posted on youtube and advertised through their facebook group, and now are finalists in the university of alabama's contest to promote their tech library. 

most of their videos are totally guy. you know, senseless violence, death to a play doh figure. but they are kinda funny. and like most stuff college… way funnier at 2 am. but i digress…
if you would like to vote for him, i certainly wouldn't stop you from helping him win! head on over to UA's website and vote!
 laughing is one of my favorite things to do. i hope that your day and upcoming weekend is filled with laughter… and of course, JOY!


  1. I heart fb too! I got dragged there kicking and screaming just to see my sister-in-law's vacation photos - she refused to send them to me personally. Now I'm completely addicted. I'm SO much closer to my "real" friends. Let's face it, we're all busy people, but if I can pop into fb in the morning, and know what's going on in their lives, and how to pray for them. When I then see them at church, we can have a deeper conversation because there's not as much catch-up. And of course, I'm now involved in the day-to-day lives of my other East family. And I've even connected with some lost buddies from high school.

  2. you have twitter?! what's your id?!

  3. I heart that you're on facebook:) And I totally love that video. so funny!

    And um, w/ Kimber, YOU R ON TWITTER? Cuz, you know you're missing out on us all, cuz we're there like 90% of the day, neglecting our kids and chatting it up :) he he he. Well, I suppose since the rest of the girls work, I'm probably the only one neglecting my kids, but hey, I keep a box of cheerios out and toss some on the floor every few hours... *tsk*

  4. i am on twitter (@erinlynn76) and on FB (erin best margolin). i love both of them, but am not on Twitter as addictive!

  5. I actually like Facebook, it's were I started. I don't visit as often as I should. I can talk with old friend from HS and a church I use to belong to. I can also talk to my Niece's and great-nieces in Florida. I to Twitter to but really don't get it. I know that everyone is using it along with their blog but I still don't care for it.

  6. Sarah gets a mention, but I don't?


    I might trying texting if Tex Mex were truly involved...



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