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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

morning solitude

recently, we had the windows replaced along the front and side of our home, leaving the originals in the back as we hope to add on soon. they replaced ten windows in record time. minimal clean up. i was amazed.
while making an investment like this doesn't add much to the casual passerby, i have enjoyed our new windows more than i thought i would. without the hassles of wrangling windows to pry them open only to have them slowly slide down, it's been a breeze (haha) to enjoy the benefits of these new gems.
the weather has been delightful, which one must enjoy while one can, because soon the crisp spring mornings and evenings will give way to the oppressive heat and humidity that is the norm in the southeast.
i love to come into my office in the early morning, before the world goes off to work, and enjoy those who join me in early day routines. with the windows open, i can hear the countless birds in the trees and even the buzzing of the bees. a dog barks, a squirrel skitters by, and the morning rays dance through the leaves into my office.
so peaceful.
and even though the world is now at work (especially the construction workers nearby) and the sounds of man pierce the tranquility of the morning, i can still enjoy a gentle breeze and the call of a bird. i'm enjoying the blessing of open windows.
there will come a day when the heat overpowers and the windows will close. and then i'll deal with the pervasive yellow dust that has invaded our home. i read recently that oaks are the biggest pollen producers. and if you have followed my blog through the fall (aka raking season), i lamented then that they shouldn't have called our neighborhood seven oaks… it should have been named seven thousand oaks. last week there were tire tracks going down our driveway, like tracks through new fallen snow. except the tracks were yellow. and later, when it rained, there was literally, a yellow river coursing down our drive.
yes, there's yellow dust in my house. but i'll worry about that tomorrow. for today, i'll enjoy the birds keeping me company while i work.


  1. That was so...joyful to read. I felt like I was sitting there with you. Instead I'm at my blue table (there's a picture of it in my "Baking with Farmor post) with MY kitchen windows open. We replaced our 1974 aluminum frame windows with the good kind: white vinyl, double pane, UV yadda yadda. But The Engineer and his brother did it. And we did them one at a time as we saved up. With a LOT of mess. But it's SO worth it. House stays cooler, and they don't frost up on the INSIDE in the winter :-)

  2. Beautiful...

    I'm heading to Tennessee tomorrow! In my best friend's wedding in the Elizabethton/Johnson City area. TN is a beautiful place. Can't wait to see Spring there.

  3. Sounds absolutely wonderful ... except for the pollen! I think I'd have to go through life wearing an oxygen mask!

  4. I replaced 25 windows, cost me a fortune. fortunatly I have Bill Gates to thank for my windows, he made almost 30 grand

  5. It does sound like the perfect morning. We seldom open our windows because of my asthma :(

  6. That sounds like a perfectly beautiful morning.....I love days like that!


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