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Friday, April 9, 2010

share a little compassion

i think it's so cool when the body pulls together to make awesome things happen. my e-friend, jennifer mckinney (aka mckmama) had this brilliant idea to purchase an ipad, then give the ipad away, but also strongly encouraged people to give to compassion international to help babies and mommas. can you imagine that in less than 24 hours her little brain child has raised over $20,000 for compassion?? i don't know about you, but i was inspired, i donated and i'm encouraging you to do likewise. when i consider the conditions in which i live (where i water my lawn with drinkable water) and thrive, and then compare it to the squaller that babies and children must live in third world countries… it makes my heart break. to know that these children will be cared for and loved and taught about Jesus… well, that makes my heart sing with joy. won't you join me? even a small sacrifice will make a difference.
and who knows? you might just win an ipad!!
what are you waiting for!! go on now!!
head on over to mckmama's mckgiveaway! but you best hurry! this giveaway ends midnight EST, but the giving to compassion can go on… and on… and on…