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Saturday, April 10, 2010

be still my bleeding heart!

today is a good day.
the sun is shining.
everything is in bloom.
i don't have allergies (hallelujah!).
there's a cool breeze.
the grass needs cutting (but we have a rider, so i don't mind doing it).
annual flats were on sale at home depot.
my camera lens miraculously began working again (what?).
i took my orchid in bloom out to play. (i really should name her, she's been in the family for over 3 years, and nothing green stands a chance of lasting that long… she's practically a member of the family, but unfortunately, i'm the only one who feels that way.)
and a bunch of mommybloggers raised $30,000 for compassion in just over 24 hours.
i could never give that much to make a huge impact in a third world country. but it is freaking amazing that together, we can move mountains.
how cool is that??


  1. beautiful orchids & photos. It is amazing outside here today, too....
    hooray for no allergies!

  2. The photos are wonderful. Your lens is working because you ordered a new one!
    What a large amount of money, that is awesome.

  3. Gorgeous flowers! I like the first one the best. :)

  4. Yay for Compassion!

    These flower pics are AWESOME! I just LOVE bleeding heart. Reminds me of my mom.

  5. I miss mowing the lawn. I haven't done it since 2000, the summer at my dad's house. Sigh. We had a walker mower, and I loved the instant gratification, the exercise, the smell...sigh.

    Townhouse living can't beat it. Of course, Brad would mow now because he has a "certain" way to do it, and I was much more haphazard...wacky mowing.

  6. I need to learn how to garden. I am a murderer of plants.

  7. that first flower {a bleeding heart?} is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! My sons are the official lawn mowing crew around here, not sure how excited they are about that though :)


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