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Monday, April 26, 2010

storm the gates, if you don't mind…

i've mentioned her before, and i'll probably tell you about her again, but for now, i just need you to storm the gates of heaven on little charli's behalf. please see the latest about my little micro-preemie only surviving triplet born at 25 weeks old friend. she's in need of two really risky surgeries and not sure how fast they need to happen… one on her heart to correct PDA (pulmonary ductus arteriosus) and the other for her intestines.
seriously people. need to get the word out. and as they are new bloggers, and wading in super unchartered waters, please leave encouraging comments over there to let them know they are not communicating to a vacuum in vain.
link about her in your blog. tweet about her. but most importantly, PRAY for her. adam and kelly have been through so much in the last three (almost) weeks. they've already lost two little boys and have had precious little time to grieve.
please, and i'm not telling you what to do, but please, storm those gates for charli. and for her mommy and daddy and sisters and brother.
and may God get all the glory!


  1. Will do. thanks for the info. Will pray :)

  2. They all remain in my thoughts and prayers, and you are an angel for writing about it and spreading the word.


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