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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

one day

i love how i have this idea about what i'm going to blog about… and then somewhere on the way to work (that would be a short stroll from the breakfast bar to our spare bedroom, now my office) i catch wind of this project and i was all like this is so cool. soooooo coooooool. seriously.
i am a huge fan of pacing the panic room. i began following him while he and his wife were expecting their little girl and he was doing a shot a week of his wife…ryan's this crazy-good photographer, and he was blogging about pregnancy through a dad's eyes. i highly recommend the view of life around him through the lens of his camera, and his brain. he's thoughtful and authentic.
his post today was so intriguing. he knows this guy that is spearheading an effort to make this global documentary. i took a look at the trailer and i was instantly captivated. how about you?

does that just take your breath away and make you start thinking about what you would submit if you were to have a video camera on that day?
for me, i had to think about what a woman, working from a spare bedroom across the hall from the bathroom with the ugly symphony of green would possibly have to share with the global community.
and then i remembered the shot of that little girl doing summersaults.
life is new life. tragedy and death. war. discovery.
and sometimes just being.
think about it…
what would you like the world to see?

if you're intrigued… go check out the official One Day on Earth site and become part of the community by signing up. how fun is this project? and don't stop there… follow them on twitter, too.
and go visit ryan. he's so insightful, and it's refreshing to get a dad's perspective on child-rearing and husbanding.


  1. Wow. What an amazing concept. I used to coach track and it blew me away to see the one legged high jumper. Captivating trailer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've seen his blog before...very cool!!

  3. What a great post. Full of such rich stuff. Thanks! New to your blog btw! :)


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