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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

those aren't birds… they're PIGS!

just outside our kitchen window is a birdfeeder that we inherited with the house (in all honesty, we replaced the rotted one with a new one, but the idea of a birdfeeder {and the pole} came with the house). we've gone a while since we've put seed in the feeder (sorry, birds) and a month ago, when i was at sam's, i bought a huge case of seed. i seem to remember not having a problem going through the seed.
so i fill it, and it wasn't long before there was a line forming to the birdfeeder. the little crowd control ropes like they have at the movie theater. little plasma tvs (just like at disneyworld at the popular rides) showing chicken little while they stood in line to eat… let's just say it was a popular feeding ground!
we enjoyed cardinals, chickadees, doves, and a bunch of other birds that i don't know the names… sorry, i'm a bird feeder and a bird enjoyer, but i ain't no ornithologist, and i'm not apologizing for that. we even have winnebagos with feathers. i don't know what they're called, but they are the biggest and the fattest birds and i seriously wonder how they get airborne… they're like the chris farley of birds.

can't help it. i loved chris farley. poor guy ate too much birdseed…
sorry, i digress.
filled up the birdfeeder. lots of birds show up. enjoy the feeding frenzy. the next day, the seed is gone.
wow. those are some hungry birds!
fill the feeder. birds throw a small party. fly in, peck at seeds, fly away. 
later in the afternoon, the feeder is empty.
fill it again. sit down to enjoy the paper and a cup of coffee with the hubs.
what. the. heck?
there is a SQUIRREL practically INSIDE the feeder. there are fifty birds, sitting on the fence, all giving him the middle talon. 
we have this little squirrel prevention rigged up metal thingy that is supposed to…uh… prevent (hence the name: squirrel prevention rigged up metal thingy) the squirrels from being able to sit and dine. 
{it also came with the half rotten birdfeeder}
i'd take a picture of said feeder, but my camera is still broken.
a moment of silence, please.
but i did order a new lens which should be here by the weekend. i'll send my other lens off for a repair. which nikon should do for free since it's still under warranty. but of course, with two moves around here in the last several months, i cannot, for the live of me, find the box and/or receipt. booooooooo.
but i digress {again}
so i have plenty of seed. remember? i bought a case. 
but i'll be ding-danged if i'm going to feed the squirrels.
now i remember why i haven't bought seed in a while. i remember now that at the time i was contemplating sending two kids to college, and how would i afford that if i have to by a case of birdseed every other week?
sorry, birds. 
anyone got any ideas that won't cost me a fortune? it's not like they're going to starve to death in the meantime…i mean after all, it is worm season, right?


  1. I have no bird suggestions BUT that clip of Farley is one of my faves of all time. LOL.

  2. sorry I am not even a bird FEEDER so I have no ideas :(
    I'm just impressed that you knew what a ornithologist was!!! hehe I had NO idea :)

  3. Lol I have no suggestions for that, but i can say birds made it A-Ok before people bought bird feed.. they are by far not extinct haha!

  4. Unfortunately we had the EXACT same problem. which is why I stopped feeding the squirrels and haven't attempted to feed the birds since. Which is too bad b/c my girls and I would LOVE it.

  5. A 22 will take care of the squirrels!

  6. I don't know much about birds (that's a disclaimer), but I thought you were meant to feed them in the winter months when food was hard to find. Now that it's spring, make them fend for themselves!

    But again, what do I know? I've probably ticked off some bird lover with my nonsense.

    They are pigs, they're just lazy birds.

  7. I love birds because my husband does. But I know nothing about them. Wow, you have a bunch of non-helpful friends commenting on your site today. You're all alone in this one, honey!

    Don't ask Alfred Hitchcock, either, I think he had problems very similar to yours.

  8. Cute story. Those darn squirrels!

  9. Birds, Birds, Birds. I love them, I have 3 bird feeders but they were eating me out of house and home. Since the current regime ruling our country is hell bent on bankrupting me, I have to let all the bids eat next door or apply for food stamps like everyone else will soon have to..


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