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Thursday, September 17, 2009

25 Firsts

another shameless rip off from another blog. . . there's 25 of them but i got hung up on number one. stay tuned for the rest.
1. Who was your first prom date?
Todd King. omygracious it was such a disaster. i had just moved to milwaukee from boston, easter before my junior year. awful in itself. (the guy in boston i had been "talking to" for weeks elected to take my best friend to prom since i was moving away anyway and was a lousy investment. i ended up moving a week early to get outta dodge before that prom took place. it ended up being ugly foreshadowing)
with a week to relax before school resumed (what is relaxing about freaking out for an entire week thinking about starting a new school?), i met the guy down the street. he was tall and cute, and awkwardly asked me to the prom. . . he had a date but she bailed, he already had the tux, blah blah blah, you're new in town and i could take you and blah blah blah. i walked away from the encounter feeling pretty good. i just got a date and i hadn't even been in town for 72 hours. score!
that is until i went to school. apparently word can spread like wildfire through a school even without facebook. new girl in town was noteworthy enough, but new girl makes a date with the dateless wonder.
gulp. did i just commit social suicide?
fortunately most people gave me a pass because i just didn't know. . . todd was nice, but not wildly known for his engaging social skills {ie: none}. it had all the makings for a disaster. and it didn't disappoint.
prom came about four weeks later. about enough time for me to begin to have a "relationship" with a senior guy who had taken a liking to me. we kept things about as DL as we could to make it as un-awkward as possible. but with todd, un-awkward was next to impossible.
i got my dress at gunny sax, the uber cool prom dress name in its time. i fixed my hair, did the make up thing, and basically had my mom to help. no friends came over to get ready or whatever. . . life was slow to start in a new school. todd arrived. slightly soggy from dodging the torrents of rain. took the obligatory photos, mom cried. etc.
did i mention it was raining? spring monsoon. date with a basketball injury that now masquerades as a barometer. rain = pain. so no dancing.
oh, great. this night may be the longest of my life.
truer words never said (under my breath).
the tables next to the dance floor were nice. the chairs comfortable. the company. . . insipid and statuesque.
while most of the kids left the prom and headed to the lakefront to hang out until dawn and then went to breakfast as someone's home, i was home by 12:30.
i don't even think we shook hands.
i don't know what ever became of mr. king. . . he's probably an investment banker, wildly successful. . . who knows. . . i'm not who i was in high school (thank goodness!!) and he's probably much changed, too. 
have you got an awkward prom date in your past?


  1. LOVED this! You both are so darn cute, I just wouldn't have imagined it would have been so bad! I have a terrible prom story on my blog, too. Ugh.

  2. Cute picture. Well you went to the prom.
    That is always an accomplishment. You don't want to be the one who doesn't go.

  3. Yes, yes I do. I can't blog about it though b/c I'm friends with his wife!

  4. OMG I am rolling!! This is the funniest story!! Sorry you had to live it.

  5. My date wore a blue tux too. I had the worst time that night...


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