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Thursday, September 24, 2009

freedom to be

so today, the hubster and i decided to take a day on our vacation and just be. is it okay, when you've traveled hours and hours to spend the day inside when the weather is glorious to catch up on rest. . . on work (yes, i know, we are on vacation, but when you own your own business, sadly work is never far away) . . . on editing photos and posting them on facebook?
i hope it's okay, because we just did.
i don't want it to feel like we frittered away a day in paradise, but isn't paradise wherever you are when you're at peace and just being??
i sure hope so, because that is exactly what we're doing.


  1. It's YOUR vacation, so you get to decide!

    Great photo too.


  2. It's your vacation, do whatever makes you happy.

  3. That picture looks amazing! And sometimes, the best days of a vacation aren't those that are planned out to the extreme, but the days where you can just enjoy "being" : )

  4. Of course you can! That's what a vacation is all about - doing whatever you want whenever you want and treasuring it all as time to relax and rejuvenate. If you go-go-go, then I call it a trip, not a vacation :)

  5. sarah, i never thought of it that way!! good distinction. we're having a vacay. . . and lovin it!

  6. I'm just glad I could offer a new perspective! Good to hear you're enjoying yourselves!!

  7. DEFINATELY. It's when you don't take that time that you come home from a "vacation" needing a break. lol. ENJOY!!

  8. The beach looks amazing! Isn't vacation supposed to be about enjoying yourselves? I wouldn't call it a day wasted I would call it a day well spent!


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