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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i am ing-ing.

i saw this on a friend's blog and warned her i might steal this for a post. . . in the land of black mold and ripping up walls, i needed something else to focus on! ha!

Making : jewelry.
Cooking : i'm embarrassed to admit hamburger helper. but i did make an awesome ramen noodle coleslaw to go with it! **UPDATE** FORGOT ABOUT SAID SALAD. made an entirely different salad with tomatoes, hearts of palm and avacado. DUH!!
Drinking : while i should say water, i'll say diet coke. it is the truth after all!
sitting at the feet of rabbi jesus by spangler and tverberg and walking with god by john eldredge. i'm also filling in the deep stuff with a patricia cornwell novel, at risk. having a hard time liking it, but i'll not give up!
Wanting: an end to headaches. even though i've been a sufferer for 17 years, maybe getting rid of this black mold will help?
Looking: at all the dog toys my dog drags out every day. a ton.
Playing: trash talking fantasy football with my son. fun stuff!
Wasting: time writing my blog when i need to be outside cutting the grass.
Sewing: in between projects. just finished a tshirt quilt. not sure what my next project will be.
Enjoying: watching my children thrive in college and their relationships with God and others
Waiting: for this weekend to come. visiting the kiddies at their schools and then off to florida for a week!
Wondering: how i'm going to manage to get off of work on monday since i totally forgot to ask off!
Loving: where i'm at. it's wild, chaotic and expensive right now, but i feel like i'm exactly where God wants me.
Hoping: i can drop a few pounds and win a weight challenge with a friend in two weeks.
Marvelling: at my blessings. even in the midst of trials, i'm still incredibly blessed.
Smelling: ummm mildew?
Wearing: work out shorts and a tshirt. and my outside yard crocs. off to cut the grass!
Following: politics
Noticing: how biased main stream media is.
Knowing: that my redeemer lives.
Thinking: about all the stuff i need to do to get my new business off the ground!
Bookmarking: creative websites and blogs.
Opening: a new
petro's in a month on the UT campus. this is excitement!
Giggling: over how niecey and i just had issues over who the cutest dogs are. (ours, duh! i didn't say smartest. i said cutest)
Feeling: kinda headachey, but glad to be living in the moment and excited about tomorrow. and the next day, and the next!


  1. Fun, I might have to steal it. But I don't think my answers will be as interesting as yours!

  2. That was a fun read. Sorry about the headaches. Have a wonderful weekend and a great trip to Florida.

  3. This is so neat! I feel like I got to know you a whole lot from this post.

    I'm sorry about the headaches. Wouldn't it be amazing if the mold is the culprit?

  4. No offense but I hope that I beat you!!!

    I am sorry about the headaches, that sure does suck!!!

  5. What a cute post! I truly enjoyed this one!

  6. New business? Did I miss something?


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