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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

surfing in rough waters

we have some dear friends whose son was involved in a serious car wreck ten days ago. after graduating from coast card basic training, he and a buddy were headed from key west to tennessee to enjoy a little much-earned r&r. during a rainstorm, the truck they were driving hydroplaned and they ended up crossing the median and slamming into a car going the opposite direction. our friend's son suffered a significant head trauma in addition to fracturing his femur, which was surgically repaired a few days after the accident. his buddy had non-life threatening injuries, and sadly, the dad in the car they hit was killed.
unfortunately, our friend's son hasn't regained consciousness, and they are at his bedside, 400 miles from home.
my heart breaks for this agonizing time of waiting and watching. the unknowns outweigh the knowns at this point, and they are left clinging to the God they know who holds their son's life in His very capable hands. their faith in Jesus has never wavered, and the body of Christ is ministering greatly through his caringbridge site.
the hubster and i were at the beach earlier today, and we stood watching some young men waiting in the ocean, looking for that perfect wave. i couldn't help but think of our friends. . . as they are in deep waters. the waves crashing overhead, being tossed about. . . i can't imagine these uncertain waters, but i am certain that they are clinging to their rock of salvation, jehovah. without Him, they would be lost, and it's been so sweet to see the body ministering to them, even from so far away.
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  1. My heart and prayers go out to this family.

  2. Dear Lord,

    Selfishly, it's such a comfort to read or know of people who DO hold so fast to You as they go through the worst life has to offer. It's so good to know You're holding them close too. May they continue to feel your presence, always.

    May they also find value in knowing their close friends are rallying around them, and that at any given moment, someone they might not even know is lifting them up to You, asking you to tighten Your grip and make evident Your love for them.

    May Your will be done and may You equip them to face all that is ahead of them.


  3. How sad. We just never know. My thoughts and prayers are being sent.

  4. Sadly I have been in your friends shoes. Not with my own child but with my brother. Head traumas are so uncertain and it seemed to me that alot of the time his doctors were just waiting and guessing what was going to happen. It took us weeks to get a definitive diagnosis. I will be praying for your friends and their son.


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