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Friday, September 4, 2009

it's that time of year!!

is it just me, or is the crisper morning air just a recipe for rejuvenation?
maybe it's the beginning of september, sort of like the beginning of a new year. . . even though january is the official new year, it just seems like september is the time of year where we really hit the ground running.
our kids are otherwise occupied all day, and we're kind of free to tackle the projects we've perhaps been putting off for awhile.
i'm sorta glad that september is this time of new energy. it keeps me from dissolving into tears over the end of summer.
usually in tennessee, summer is still in full swing until the end of the month. it's still stifling hot and humid and the thought of fall colors and sweaters still eons away. but this september, our little corner of tennessee is enjoying one of the most pleasant summers on record. and the evenings lately have been cool, accompanied by comfortable, almost crisp mornings. relatively speaking, of course. we're talking evenings in the 60s, which for this part of the country is down right frosty this time of year.
i'm really loving this time. it's september. it's a time of new beginnings. but most of all. . . and i say most of all as i practically salivate over it. . . IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!!
rocky top. go vols and all that jazz. boomsday weekend. i'm so pumped. i love me some football, and it's been a time of real patience for me. i really don't care too much for preseason. it's really like fake football. but now college season starts tomorrow. and the pro season right on its heels.
not only is it the inaugural season for our new coach, lane kiffin, boomsday weekend, but my baby is coming home from college for the first time in a month!! whoo hoo!! and she brings an entourage of her 10 friends. i'm pumped. the house should be a flurry of activity, hair straighteners galore, wet towels everywhere and food. lots and lots of food.
i'm lovin it!


  1. I LOVE fall, My friend and I were talking about it yesterday. I love the clothing, the crisp weather, the food, everything!

  2. Love the new blog look!!!

    I love fall. It is my favorite time of the year. I love the leaves changing and the weather getting chilly and the promise of my birthday and Christmas coming!!!!


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