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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ugly undercurrents

i really should be working out. it was on my list of things to accomplish first thing.
but i walked past my office. . . and well, like a moth to a flame, i'm drawn to the computer. y'know, just to check.
it's a sickness really.

just for the record, i did work out. and came home to poop on the rug. funny thing is when i walked into the house, i could smell something was up right away. my husband and the window salesman were standing less than THREE FEET from the offense and didn't even notice something was amiss. HA! but yeah, something does not smell quite right. sums up my post, really!

if you read my last post (and sorry, it did go on and on) you know that the place was teeming with kids (and by kids, i mean big kids, but they are kids and kids i shall call them!) and i loved every lovin' minute of them being here.
well, a small lie, because i was not particularly happy with the undercurrent of drama seeping into the weekend like black mold up a wall.
yep, drama (a nice way of saying gossip) is just like black mold. disgusting, evil, tenacious, and destructive. and like mold, it's under the surface, creeping, unfurling it's diseased little fingers in the dark. . . growing. . . and then it's out in the open. GAH!!! is that MOLD??
so not to overdramatize here, but gossip just ain't pretty.
worst of all, it's a LOUSY witness of one's faith. and that almost burns me up more than anything else.
it hurts my heart to see loving girls, proclaiming Jesus as their savior with one breath, and then sprewing venom against someone in the next breath. it's just plain ugly.
i don't like it.
thank goodness it's been noticed and it will be addressed.
and now that it's out in the open. . . maybe a little LIGHT on the subject will stop it dead in it's tracks.


  1. ahhhh gossip!! definitely like mold!

    {love your new blog set up}

  2. Think this is the perfect way to describe Gossip!! You are so right!

  3. I love this analogy. I'm glad it's going to be addressed.

  4. Great word picture sweet friend! I hate gossip too. It's so destructive and painful....and ultimately, those who gossip about someone else are about 100% likely to gossip about you also...ugh...

    Good girl for "nipping it in the bud"....


  5. kim, thanks for the commment...yes we did just start school here in michigan because our govenor has banned schools (grade schools not colleges) until starting until after labor day. the great lakes here bring lots of tourism and that means that we start in sept and go into june...ugggg
    great writing the last few posts. take care sweet friend....oh yeah and we are kindred spirits...we are big UT fans. I'll post some pictures soon.

  6. i agree completely about gossip. good analogy.

    and the poop thing? why can't men smell a thing?


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